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Additional information: What may prove most problematic, is that the beginning of this mission, which can require you to discharge, precisely, several shots at the engines of the airplane that you simply are following, so as to wreck them. then , you're up for a pleasant ride on an endure motorcycle, during which you'll got to take care only while performing long jumps.

The start line for this mission is Martina Madrazo's farm, located to the North of Los Santos near the Vinewood Hills. you'll reach the farm as either Michael or Trevor and, this is often obviously not getting to have any pertaining to the mission. During the conversation with Madrazo, you'll learn that he plans on murdering his cousin by shooting down the plane on which he wants to go away San Andreas. Wait until you gain control over Michael and go towards the observatory located to the West of here. After you get there, get into the van marked by the sport (Declasse Burrito).

Skybox ERN MARENFO V3 SAMP Mod Download

Spend several moments to find out about the essential controls of the cannon inside the van - to rotate the cannon and concentrate , use both of the analog sticks. concentrate to the utmost , target the plane and aim at the red square to correct the bullet's flight. In total, you would like to hit the plane 3 times and, the sport doesn't require to be too precise so, even if, at the instant of the shot, the crosshair is slightly faraway from the square, the hit are going to be accepted anyways.

After a short time , you'll move Trevor and your task are going to be now to follow the jet with its engine down. The route on the endure bike (Sanchez) is, fortunately, quite obvious but, you ought to be careful for the moments where you would like to perform a extended jump. you'll need to perform the primary one right after you come down an enormous elevation and you would like to leap over the road.

Skybox ERN MARENFO V3 SAMP Mod Download

Skybox ERN MARENFO V3 SAMP Mod Download

You will got to perform another longer jump near the airfield located on the brink of Sandy Shores. Use the ramp marked within the above screenshot, because of which you'll easily avoid the dashing pursuit.

Continue following the jet, avoid civilian cars and elements of the environment. await a flash when the plane crashes against the bottom and ride up to the wreck. Kill Javier, who is standing nearby and enter the wreck to retrieve the document case.

Wait for the sport to chop back to Michael and leave the vicinities of the observatory. the sport will soon cause you to to destroy the van that you simply have just wont to shoot the plane down. counting on your preferences, you'll either drive the van into water, push it off a high cliff, or ( which is that the best idea) blow it up using explosives (any bomb or grenade).

Get a replacement means of transport and drive towards the Madrazo farm. On your way, Michael are going to be contacted by Trevor, who will inform him of a change of plans. this suggests that you simply need, for a change, reach the abandoned cement works within the desert. this is often where this mission will conclude.

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