GTA 3 Cheat Menu Mod For Pc

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GTA 3 Cheat Menu Mod For Pc

In the game Grand Theft Auto III, there aren't any pedestrians, many vehicles, or anything else. We still enjoy the game. Because it's the game that continues to roll until the present day.

After this change, In there are three menus you can choose from. Menu for Weapons Health Change Menu and the Cash Change menu.

In the near future, we will see more menus available for this mod pack.

Edit: This description was updated and taken from 23.09.2021. After two months, we've added seven more menus that alter everything you cannot play in real life without using any additional modifications or cheats. Enjoy.

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GTA 3 Cheat Menu Mod For Pc

Functions and Known Bugs:

The menus won't work for the player or Claude is in a vehicle. (Function)

Just like the car, you won't be able to access the menus if you've passed away. (Function)

A different text from the other menu or menus may be displayed. We aren't certain why this occurs. (Bug) (Fixed)

Sometimes, the list of menus could be glitched out. This could be because of outdated code. It could be due to a RIP (Bug) (Partly corrected On the Additional Cheats Menu this does not appear.)

It is possible to open two or more menus simultaneously. We're not sure why this occurs. If the trigger occurs simultaneously both codes are activated. Example: Press Enter when 10 Health and SPAS-12 are active, and then you receive both (Bug)

GTA 3 Cheat Menu Mod

How could these menus be used?

Machinimas. The use of such weapons, health, or money could be able to help you improve the quality of Machinimas.

Debug. Testing the limits of the game. Test anything that is available within the game. The maximum amount of health, money, or ammo for weapons.

Videos. for those who produce background games or complete videos to test GTA's limits or even play casually. It's a good idea to have...

Screenshots. To take screenshots of what you are doing you are doing, it is possible to improve the way you work. (Screenshot ability is not fully implemented at the moment.)

How To Use

Nearly every Menu in the pack uses the "ALT" key on the keyboard.

For the WEAPON MENU, use "ALT + L" to open it. Use the left or right arrow keys to choose the weapon you want to get. Press "ENTER" to enter the code.

For the HEALTH MENU, use "ALT + H" to open it. Use the left or right arrow keys to choose the health amount you want to get. Press "ENTER" to enter the code.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 4MB 
File Name: Cheat Menu Mod For Pc

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