GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod


GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod

The GTA Vice City mod adds a Save House in the Police Station. It is an interactive mod that allows players to save their game just like they would in any other building. Now, instead of losing all their progress when they die, they can simply return to the last save point!


Vice City is one of the most popular games in history, and with good reason. With a huge map to explore and plenty of side quests, it's easy to lose yourself for hours on end. One of the great things about Vice City is that it's full of interesting places to visit, including the police station. If you're like me and love exploring every nook and cranny of each game world, then you'll love this save house mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This mod replaces the vanilla police station with one that's much larger and more detailed, making it a perfect place to store your excess gear or just relax after a long day of crime fighting. Even if you never venture inside the original police station, its new location should be enough to get you started on your own custom Vice City experience. So whether you're a fan of the game or just looking for an interesting location to add to your virtual world collection, be sure to check out this save house mod!

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GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod

What the GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod Does

The GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod is a modification for Grand Theft Auto Vice City that allows players to save their game at the police station. The mod was created by user "CrazyMatt" and is available on the Steam Workshop. When players load the game with the police station save house mod enabled, they are taken to a saved game at the police station instead of their regular home. Players can interact with any objects in the room and can save their progress at any time by exiting the room and re-entering it. The save house also features a map of Vice City that shows where all of the available weapons and money are located, as well as important strategic locations like telephones and hospitals. The GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod is an essential addition for anyone playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, as it allows players to easily take advantage of saved games to explore new areas or revisit old ones without having to worry about losing progress or getting stuck.

Features of the Save House

The Save House in GTA Vice City is a location where the player can save their game. The Save House is located at the northwest corner of North Point Mall and Fort Baxter Bridge, just south of the Varsity Club. The Save House is also accessible from the Pay 'n' Spray.


If you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, then you'll love this GTA Vice City Police Station Save House Mod. This mod allows players to save their game in the police station, and even features a working door that opens and closes! If you're looking for a fun addition to your Vice City gaming experience, be sure to check out this mod.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 1MB 
File Name: Police Station Save House

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