GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

Head over to Playboy X's loft at the north end of Algonquin. once you arrive, you will find him playing pool by himself. But he has some issues he needs Niko to require care of, as well. albeit Playboy X considers himself as hard because it gets, not everyone feels that way. In fact, some people are pretty vocal about calling him out, calling him a rat and things of this nature. Naturally, Playboy X wants something to be done about this, and contracts you to travel lookout of problems for him. However, when he explains who he wants you to require care of, he confuses the difficulty quite is important . So, he hands over a camera that you simply will use to require an image of the target before doing anything to verify it's him.

When you end up back outside, boost a car and take the brief drive to your destination on Exeter Avenue. In fact, the situation is so close, you do not even really need to drive there -- you'll even as easily walk. Either way, once you arrive to the predetermined location, the sport will show you a trio of men hanging out on the court , even as X described. the sport will then instruct you to require an image .

GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

Taking an image are often a challenge, because you cannot get too on the brink of these guys or be overt in your actions. the simplest technique to use here is to steer up to the doorway of the court on Exeter Avenue. Stay within the entrance and covertly direct your camera phone at the lads at the middle of the basketball. Take an image and send it posthaste to Playboy X, and he'll verify who the target is.
 GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download
GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

GTA San Andreas Heat Blast MOD Free Download

Playboy X will allow you to know that the target is that the guy wearing yellow, "like a canary". Now, there are several ways you'll ultimately undertake this mission, but we recommend doing the subsequent . you ought to have a precision rifle from previous missions. meet Exeter Avenue, slump , and aim through the chain link fence separating the sidewalk from the court . Then, aim at the target's head and do him in. permanently measure, you ought to then switch to an easier-to-use weapon and neutralize his cohorts. Following these three murders, Niko will call Playboy X and let him know the deed is completed .

How To Download And Install


Copy all Setup Files 
And Past in The GTA San Andreas File Location .Done 

Have fun !!!
For Active the Mod Type (ace)


TAB:Q:P :::Heat Blast Skin

"O" + "L" 
I "+ "O" 

 Aim + "R", hold "R" to keep firing 

"I" + "L" 


I + hold "K" 

"K" + "L" 

Download Link::Link
Size::9 MB
Price Free
Password::Fully Update Games

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