Ultron Mod With Powers For GTA San Andreas

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Ultron Mod With Powers For GTA San Andreas

Ultron mod is a popular modification for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that adds new powers and abilities to the game's characters. This mod is based on the Marvel Comics character Ultron, who is a powerful robot with superhuman strength and advanced technology.

The mod adds several new powers to the game, including the ability to fly, shoot lasers from the eyes, and increase strength and durability. In addition, the mod also adds new weapons and vehicles to the game, such as the Ultron drone and the Ultron hoverbike.

Ultron Mod With Powers For GTA San Andreas


One of the key features of the Ultron mod is the ability to play as Ultron himself. Players can select Ultron as a playable character and use his powers to take on enemies and complete missions. The mod also includes new missions and challenges that are specifically designed for Ultron, such as battling other superpowered characters or taking on massive waves of enemies.

Another feature of the mod is the ability to customize Ultron's appearance. Players can choose from different skins and color schemes to make Ultron look the way they want. Additionally, players can also accessorize Ultron with different weapons and attachments to make him even more powerful.

In conclusion, the Ultron mod for GTA San Andreas is a popular and fun way to add new powers, abilities, and challenges to the game. It offers players the chance to play as Ultron and customize their appearance, as well as add new missions and weapons to the game. Overall, it is a great way to make the game more interesting and enjoyable for players who have already finished the main story.

  • High-Quality Krrish 3 Skin
  • Flying
  • Super Punch
  • Slow Motion
  • Super Fast Running
  • Speed Increase and Decrease

How To Use:
  • Press Tab + Q + P to get Ultron Skin And Powers.
  • Press B For Using Power 1.
  • Press R For Using Power 2
  • Press L-Shift + C Button To Fly
  • Press the N button to increase your flying speed
  • Press Y Button To Decrease Flying Speed. if you are on foot then also working speed.
  • Press Lift Mouse Button For Super Punch or Mega Punch.
  • Press Caps Lock To On slow motion again press Caps Lock To OFF Slow Motion.
Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 1MB 
File Name: Ultron Mod With Powers

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