GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu 2.0


GTA San Andreas Cheat Menu 2.0

Although he left his life of crime, CJ( Carl Johnson) is forced back into his old ways as he tries to break his mama’s murder. With a new cast of characters, cool buses, and the biggest Grand Theft bus chart ever, San Andreas can give hours of non-stop entertainment. Complete further than 100 operations or just travel around the megacity looking for buses, munitions, and plutocrat, San Andreas is where it’s all taking place.

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The fifth game in the GTA series finds Carl Johnson( CJ), a reformed gang member, being forced back to felonious ways to retaliate for his mama open-world’s death. Take control of CJ and help him navigate his way through the megacity he grew up in, and meet some of the characters from his history as he tries to break the crime. Grand Theft bus San Andreas is played from a third-person perspective in an open- world terrain that gives you a choice to either follow the story, looking for suggestions and meeting connections, or have fun stealing buses and plutocrats, beating up climbers, and avoiding the police. 
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Mod Menu:: Ctrl + M

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 15MB 
File Name: Cheat Menu 2.0

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