GTA 5 The Business Mega Mod Pack

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GTA 5 The Business Mega Mod Pack

The Business Redesign has been getting over 8 months of updates, as of 20th August 2020, the end was to make the businesses more like online, but still giving them the sense of being not exactly like online  

one of the effects that have changed is the player is no longer suitable to enjoy several of the same business, the player can only enjoy one position per business 

This isn't a new mod it's just all business mods in one giant download as well as some extras that I recommend using to elevate your experience 

please note that there still are some issues with pause, and I've tried fixing it, whether converting it into a single dll or converting the whole thing from NativeUI to LemonUI, but none of that made an important difference, if you want to increase fps, I suggest removing any business mod DLLs that you do not need 

to pierce operations, stock, and other business, an option you'll need to detect the main business president, inside the business innards, once you get near it you'll be urged to sit in it 

GTA 5 The Business Mega Mod Pack

Included in this package 
Afterhours Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Arena Wars Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Biker Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Executive Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Gunrunning Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Doomsday Heist Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Smuggler's Run Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Lamar's Custom Classics Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Diamond Casino and Resort Business( Business Redesign Update3.0.2) 
Celebrity results Agency( Business Redesign Update1.0.2) 
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To Buy a Business When you have rightly installed the mod package or the business you want, you'll first need to open your are in game phone and navigate to connections, and access the Business Helper Contact, through this menu you can buy or change position for each business, order an auto from a business, check your stock position and much further 


The latest version of GTA 5 (Legit not Pirated)
LemonUI 1.5.2
Scripthookvdotnet 3.0.4
Enable All Interiors
Audio (included in zipping)
Iftuitaddon2 (included in zipping)

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
File Name: The Business Mega

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