GTA 5 Zolike Trainer Mod For Pc


GTA 5 Zolike Trainer Mod For Pc 2021

The most powerful trainer from IV, now in V!

A lot of work was put into this mod, specifically to use the least amount of natives possible, and to add brand new functions by reverse engineering the game itself rather than messing with said natives.

Most of the code has been totally rewritten from the IV version as well to be much cleaner and more stable.

Expect even more features to come soon as this is by no means the last version.

gta v trainer

List Of Unique/Notable Features:

Make reflections reflect the world exactly as it appears, including high quality models and dynamic objects such as street lights (but not vehicles or peds) (WIP)
Full RGB color options for vehicles, including a separate option for pearlescent rather than being shared with color 3, and an option for coloring all non-colorable parts
Free camera that works in cutscenes and doesn't disable first person animations
Hash Reverser, enter a hash and have it reversed as soon as the game makes use of it
Open/close/unlatch/break any door
Detach ANY car part, including previously impossible to detach parts such as fenders, wheels, bumpers and windows
Record and play back paths of up to 128 cars simultaneously
Detach parts from spawned objects, such as breaking specific parts of lampposts
Disable distant lights at night
Disable nighttime car lights or force them on during daytime
Disable emissives at night or force them on during daytime
Disable lamps at night or force them on during daytime
Change dirt color of vehicles in-game
Manually toggle the burn effect on vehicles
GTA V trainer PC

GTA V Trainer mod

GTA V + Native Trainer

Best GTA V trainer

GTA V trainer download

Default Controls:

F7 - open/close menu
Num5 - enter menu
Num0 - exit menu
Num2/8 - scroll


Middle mouse button - Hold for fly mode
F6 - Airbreak
RCTRL Num1 - Fix Car
RCTRL Num2 - Flip Car
RCTRL Num3 - Clean Car
Insert - (Car Recording) Place checkpoint
End - (Car Recording) Rewind to checkpoint

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 2MB 
File Name: Zolike Trainer

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