GTA San Andreas Realistic Weapons Mod


GTA San Andreas Realistic Weapons Mod

A highly trained special Ops soldier is shipped on a mission to eliminate terrorist cells across the center East region. We are sending our greatest Black Ops super soldier into the enemy territory. He's skilled altogether weaponry and hand combat. Let's show them what you got!

GTA San Andreas Realistic Weapons Mod


All New Weapons
New Effect
All New Sound Pack
Best Cheat Menu

F2 = show/hide menu

numpad 5/ right Shift = Accept
numpad 0/ Backspace = Back

numpad 8/ arrow up = UP
numpad 2/ arrow down = Down

numpad 4/ arrow left = Left
numpad 6/ arrow right = Right

numpad 9/ page up = Up 15 line (if possible)
numpad 3/ page down = Down 15 line (if possible)

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 50MB 
File Name:Realistic Weapons Mod

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