GTA San Andreas All Lights Pack With New Cars

GTA San Andreas All Lights Pack With New Cars


New Street Light
New Cars
New tree 
Indicator Lights
New Grove Street
New Cars Lights
New Cheat Menu
New Neon Lights

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How To Use

Light 1

Xenon.cs is a cleo mod which allows you to change the colour of your vehicle's headlights in gta san andreas as well as San andreas multiplayer
Activation : type "Xenon" like you enter cheats in singleplayer to activate headlights.
To disable headlights all you need to do is get out of the vehicle !

Light 2

MOD Office is through the introduction of the cheats from the keyboard:
NEONOFF-shut down
NEONWHITE-set color: white
NEONRED-set the color: Red
NEONBLUE-set color: Blue-checked by default
NEONYELLOW-set color: yellow
NEONORANGE-set color: Orange
NEONPURPLE-set the color: purple
NEONGREEN set color: Green
NEONPINK-set color: pink
NEONRR-set the channel R
NEONGG-set the channel G
NEONBB-set the channel B
For Example: NEONR150R
Working in SA: MP

Cheat Menu::F2
J- enable/disable fog lights
Z- enable left turnlight
C- enable right turnlight
X- enable both left and right turnlights
Shift- disable enabled turnlights
G- enable/disable far light

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 385MB 
File Name: All Lights Pack With New Cars