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GTA Vice City Magneto Mod For PC:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, an iconic open-world game, has been a playground for gamers since its release. Over the years, the modding community has continuously breathed new life into the game, introducing innovative and sometimes downright fantastical elements. One such mod that has captured the imagination of players worldwide is the "GTA Vice City Magneto Mod." In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of this modification, exploring how it transforms the familiar streets of Vice City into a magnetic playground.

GTA Vice City Magneto Mod

The Genesis of Magneto Mod:

The Magneto Mod is a testament to the creativity of the modding community, offering players a unique and surreal experience within the GTA Vice City universe. Developed by passionate modders, this modification introduces the iconic Marvel character Magneto into the game, complete with his extraordinary magnetic powers. Players can now harness the ability to manipulate metal objects, soar through the city skyline, and wreak havoc with magnetic force. The mod breathes new life into the game, providing a fresh perspective on the familiar landscapes and missions of Vice City.

Gameplay Dynamics:

The Magneto Mod fundamentally alters the gameplay dynamics of GTA Vice City, offering players an unprecedented level of control and interactivity. With Magneto's powers at their disposal, gamers can manipulate vehicles, weapons, and even the environment itself. Imagine lifting cars into the air, creating impromptu barricades, or disarming enemies by pulling their weapons away. The mod adds a layer of complexity to the missions, as players strategize and experiment with Magneto's abilities to overcome challenges in novel ways. The freedom to explore Vice City from the skies adds a thrilling dimension to the gaming experience, as players traverse the urban jungle with newfound agility.

Community Engagement:

The Magneto Mod has sparked a vibrant community of players eager to share their experiences, challenges, and creative endeavors. Online forums and social media platforms have become hubs for gamers to discuss strategies, showcase their in-game feats, and collaborate on further improvements to the mod. The sense of community extends beyond the virtual realm, with modders actively seeking feedback and suggestions to enhance the Magneto Mod continually. The collaborative spirit within the GTA Vice City modding community has not only breathed new life into the aging game but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among players who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of virtual exploration.

How To Use:

Type "MAGNET" to Activate MAGNETO Mod.

Type again "MAGNET" to Deactivate


  • LMB: repel
  • RMB : attract
  • TAB : move focus point
  • TAB + LMB: set focus point
  • TAB + C : disable focus point
  • TAB + V: enable/disable force field
  • C: change field mode

When the field is enabled use "C" to change mode. Default is repelling field which works in short range.


In the ever-evolving landscape of video game modifications, the GTA Vice City Magneto Mod stands out as a testament to the boundless creativity and enthusiasm of the modding community. By seamlessly integrating the magnetic mayhem of Magneto into the familiar streets of Vice City, this modification invites players to reimagine their gaming experience. As the modding community continues to redefine the limits of what is possible within virtual worlds, the Magneto Mod remains a shining example of how a single modification can breathe new life into a classic game, captivating players with its imaginative and awe-inspiring possibilities.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
File Name: GTA Vice City Magneto

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