GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer V.3.12 Convenient Cheat Menu Like In GTA 5 2021


GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer V.3.12 Convenient Cheat Menu Like In GTA 5 2021

RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 is a convenient cheat menu, which is usually called a trainer in GTA 5 or GTA 4. The trainer uses the CLEO 4 library, thanks to which it works very quickly and is convenient to use. According to the author, the trainer works stably and does not crash and contains various cool functions.

The main functionality and features of RZL-Trainer v3.1.2 are listed below:
- Managing player parameters;
- Management of transport parameters;
- Characters spawn and skin selection;
- Spawn transport;
- Possibility of teleportation;
- Choice of missions;
- Game time management;
- The choice of weapons;
- Weather setting;
- and much more...

Basic keyboard controls:
"F2" = Open or close menu
"Num5" / "rShift" = Accept
"Num0" / "Backspace" = Back
"Num8" / "Arrow Up" = Up
"Num2" / "Arrow Down" = Down
"Num4" / "Arrow Left = Left
"Num6" / "Arrow Right = Right
"Num9" / "Page Up" = Up 15 lines (if possible)
"Num3" / "Page Down" = Down 15 lines (if possible)

GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer V.3.12 Convenient Cheat Menu Like In GTA 5 2021

Hotkeys - keyboard shortcuts:
"alt+1" = Main menu
"alt+2" = Transport options menu
"alt+3" = Tracking Management Menu
"alt+4" = Character spawn menu
"alt+5" = Vehicle spawn menu
"alt+6" = Mission selection menu
"alt+7" = Teleportation Control Menu
"alt+8" = Time Management Menu
"alt+9" = Weapon Menu
"alt+0" = Weather Control Menu
"atl+Q" = Airbreak (stop time)
"Delete" = Teleport to marker
"J" = teleport to the nearest vehicle as a driver
"K" = teleport to the nearest vehicle as a passenger
'= Go through the door
"]" = Instant acceleration
"[" = Instant stop

GTA San Andreas RZL Trainer V.3.12 Convenient Cheat Menu Like In GTA 5 2021
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Gamepad control:
"R1+dpad left" = Open Menu
"dpad ​​right" = Accept (select)
"dpad ​​left" = Back
"dpad ​​up" = Up
"dpad ​​down" = Down
"L3" = Left
"R3" = Right

Below is a large list with all the changes and innovations in version 3.1.2 of the RZL-Trainer.

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed a bug with the destruction and explosion of a car during the passage of missions on transport;
- fixed bug with activation;
- as well as other minor fixes.

- now the open trainer menu can be scrolled by holding the slider;
- added hot keys;
- hot keys can be used by pressing them one by one;
- new sound effect;
- you can change the font;
- added French (translated by brasser 80);
- and much more.

Added to the main menu:
- Improved God Mode, now CJ cannot die, even blown up inside the car;
- Infinite health (similar to God Mode, but differently);
- Menu for health and armor regeneration (10 options);
- Traffic and pedestrian settings menu (19 options);
- Added Airbreak (stop time);
- Improved ideal statistics values;
- Gang weapon selection menu (you can customize the gang weapon);
- Menu for setting game graphics and its display;
- Camera zoom menu (12 options);
- Displaying information on the screen (3 options: FPS, player information and coordinates)
- Solid water;
- Trainer options menu (6 options: color selection, font style, menu sounds, hotkeys, language and game stop when the menu is opened).

Added to the transport settings menu:
- Updated modification menu;
- Setting acceleration (nitro control: nitro system from NFS);
- Updated speedometer and tachometer (added nitro meter, if there is one in the car);
- Ability to blow up the current transport;
- Automatic coup and repair;
- Correction of the train camera;
- Transport health menu (6 options);
- Car door control menu (8 options);
- Door status (closed or open).

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 22MB 
File Name:RZL Trainer V.3.12 

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