GTA San Andreas Auto Pilot Mod Download


GTA San Andreas Auto Pilot Mod Download

1) How to install
2) How it works
3) Features
4) Credits

1-As usual, when you install the CLEO "plugin" to your GTA San Andreas, instructions are given
Where are all the CLEO mods. Just copy / copy the "CLEO" folder to your GTA San Andreas folder

GTA San Andreas Auto Pilot Mod Download

2-While flying press "TAB + A" Then The Information box will appear
And will be of great help. Press M to fly through the entire san andreas, but if there is a marker, it will fly to the area
Press R to go back around san andreas, and press C to cancel Autopilot.

GTA San Andreas Auto Pilot Mod Download
gta san andreas autopilot mod

gta san andreas best cleo mods

Helicopter: The helicopter will fly to a predetermined height (as high as Mount Chilliad)
and then it will fly through san andreas

- Airplane: Autopilot will not be activated below a certain altitude (almost as high
pyramid in LV) and then it will print a message about it. After that, it will start
fly by itself. The hydra will be automatically set to fly horizontally.

3 - a) Truly AI controlled vehicle, which means you can stay AFK for a very long time, bro.
and keep flying in the air around san andreas

b) AI based control, which means being able to avoid obstacles. attention that this AI is not perfect ...

c) Random fly around San Andreas that will remain inside the map, also has "fly to
marker "feature.
d) Autopilot was turned off during flight practice allegedly due to a bug.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 20MB 
File Name: Auto Pilot Mod 

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