GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision 2021 Ultra Graphics Mod


GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision 2021 Ultra Graphics Mod

X-treamVision2021 by Ground_dominator

!!Attention!! In the settings of the game - set Brightness to MAX.
******This mod is made for Vanilla game. Using many mods except simple retexture is not advisable******

P.s. Sorry for my bad english
####Known Bug: NIght is buggy####

1. Installation

First,disable any kind of antivirus,defender or windows real time protection to avoid headache.
From the folder "Main Enb" copy everything into your folder from GTA SA and, if 
necessary, confirm the replacement of files.

2. Settings
 * To configure for yourself Enb, in the game hold shift + enter.
GTA San Andreas X Tream Vision 2021 Ultra Graphics Mod


Please backup your game before installing.
I am not responsible for any damage to your game.
If you have installed a bunch of scripts and plug-ins and now you have a game crashes, 
I don’t bear responsibility for it.
You install Enb at your own risk.


1.Gta-sa installed on Mid-High ENd pc.
2.All defenders disabled.(Avoids all type of crashes)
3.Set brightness to MAX in the game settings{For best Result}
Note:This enb is not tested in multiplayer.
Advice:Just dont try installing on low end end pc.

Thank you for downloading and playing with my ENBSeries setting.

gta san andreas ultra graphics mod download

gta san andreas ultra realistic graphics mod pc

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name: X Tream Vision 2021 Ultra Graphics Mod

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