GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021


GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021

This mod is intended to revive some of the components of cars that have been fixed.

New features:

enlivens gauges (speedometer, tachometer (now arrow moves smoother) gas);
enlivens the wheel;
working wipers;
running the turn signals and back up (there are sources of light and the light falls on a nearby cars and people)
including on trailers;
fully working cardans (has the ability to sync with both front and rear wheels, while the lively suspension
change the angle of the crossbar;
brake caliper (turn with the wheel, but, as expected, did not mix);
working tie rods;
fans engine (engine speed is directly dependent on engine speed), you can create 2 fans. instead of the second
fan, you can do the crankshaft pulley for example;
swing-cross-partition your disk, as in "Ikarus" with a harmonica;
a steering wheel in the rear section of the "Icarus"
you can create ahead of another bridge with a steering wheels;
you can create back thruster axle, as on some buses, angles are calculated on the basis of size models;
ability to create dump trucks with fully working hydraulics including trailers
smooth rotation of the wheels on the car class "worker"
customize cars (calibrated speedometer, tachometer pointer fuel stroke and janitorial
the turning of the steering wheel;
management of the transfer case (only on four-wheel)
you can raise the cab truck type "KAMAZ"

GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021

Update 3.1

fully function pointers oil pressure, engine temperature, the mileage (kilometres who believes) and mechanical watches;
deformed springs;
cars-class worker with a diesel engine when the engine is running-and high-speed black smoke;
working correctly trailers with swing frame;
ability to attach a trailer to any cars;
creation of tractors, bendable to rotate in half.

Update 3.2 beta:

working ammeter and voltmeter;
beta version of the electronic odometer;
the possibility of creation on motorcycles arrow speedometer, tachometer, fuel and gasoline;
the configuration file of the keys management;
additional settings for springs;
fixed some nasty bugs.

Update 3.2 FULL:

made minor changes to previously existing algorithms;
for trailers added additional axle;
and most importantly, create a mobile CRANE! And this time, the model of the crane (incredible!) nested in the archive!

Update 3.2.1:

fixed jamb voltmeter;
electronic clock and the speedometer;
additional steering axles on the trailer;
you can open doors of the body;
axis sloths;
sliding door.

GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021
GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021

GTA San Andreas Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021

How To Install


K - wipers;
J - switch off the engine;
B - hammer (clicked one time, and he kept squeezing. pressing removed);
P - catch/to unhook the trailer (the machine must be in touch with trailer);
Z - left signal lamp on/off;
X - is the hazard lights on/off;
The  C - the right turn signal on/off;
9 - reduced (on/off at a speed less than 5 km/h);
0 - FWD;
- "-" - wheel drive;
- "=" - rear-wheel drive;
 num8 - standing outside of the machine to lift the cabin;
"*"- to lower cabin, standing next to the car;
num8"/" * " raise/lower body (driving should sit). the dump truck is possible to do any car. if dumper - dumper,
then using a hydraulic lift to lower the body num7/num1;
incert"/"delete" raise/lower left pane;
page up/page down - move up/move down the right glass;
num9"/"num3" - raise/lower the sloth (standing at axis);
num4"/"num6" - open/close the analyzed (standing at the door of the body).

The Management Of The Crane:

num8"/" * " raise/lower the boom;
num4"/"num6" to rotate an arrow;
num7"/"num9" - pull/push the arrow;
num1"/"num3 to let the hide of a support;
num+"/"num" is to uncoil/unwinding cross.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name:Real Dashboard Car Mod 2021

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