GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc

Get yourself a stallion car and park it outside an entrance to the white Multi-storey carpark in Newport. there's actually a stallion within the bottom level of the carpark itself. Get out of the stallion then revisit in to trigger the beginning of the mission. A cutscene will tell you what you've got to try to to .

Bare in mind unlike 'patriot playground' and 'ride within the park', you are doing not have any time to plan your route. The clock is ticking from the instant you regain control.

There is no real set way of learning the checkpoints and is far to difficult to elucidate in form . Just confirm you park the car near the doorway in order that you'll get in as quickly as possible. Work your way from level to level ensuring you've got all of them . The radar isn't much help because although it tells you where they're , you dont know which level they're on.

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc

Dont abate if you build up alittle little bit of time. The last checkpoint requires you to leap off a ramp at the highest of the carpark and you would like a touch of additional time to urge a run at it. Keep moving and use your left and right view buttons to seem in corners. If you think that you've got missed one on rock bottom levels keep going. you'll have time after you get down the roof to travel back round a catch on .

The more you are doing this mission the better it gets as you learn the positions of the checkpoints. Use your emergency to urge round tight corners and be wary of the pillars that block your way.

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc
GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc

GTA San Andreas Best Graphics Mod For Pc

How To Install


GTA sa Indicator
GTA Sa New Loading Screen
GTA SA Small Cars Pack
GTA SA Improved All Lights
GTA SA Guns Pack
GTA SA Tree Pack

How To Use

Cheat Menu::F2
J - enable/disable fog lights
Z - enable left turn signal
C - enable right turn signal
X - enable both left and right turn signals
Shift - disable included turn signals
G - turn on/off high beam

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 148MB 
File Name:Best Graphics Mod For Pc

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