CJ Remastered 2021 For GTA San Andreas Pc


CJ Remastered 2021 For GTA San Andreas Pc

Bullion Run

A plane carrying a cargo of platimum has spilled its contents onto the streets in Pike Creek. you've got to pickup 30 pieces and return them to a lockup in Pike Creek itself. The twist is that for each piece you choose up, your vehicle will increase in weight. You wanted level also will increase after learning several pieces.

You will need an appropriate car for this mission and that i recommend the Patriot because it doesnt seem to be suffering from the load the maximum amount . Fast cars, like the cheetah, become slow very quickly.

Drive over to Pike Creek as quickly as possible using the radar to point out you where the bullion is scattered. The lockup you've got to require the bullion to is indicated by the pink dot on your radar. once you arrive you'll see many pieces scattered everywhere the streets. At now you'll make two different tactics.

CJ Remastered 2021 For GTA San Andreas Pc

You can actually pickup 30 in one pass driving down from the west of the scattered bullion and driving down Capitol Hill to select up as many as you'll on the way down. taking place hill keeps your speed up. Doing it this manner will increase your wanted level to about 2 stars.

CJ Remastered 2021 For GTA San Andreas Pc

Alternatively a safer, but longer, way is to gather about 5 pieces at a time. you'll need to make 6 trips but your wanted level won't rise above 1. Your car also will be lighter so there'll be less risk of being captured by the police do you have to get into trouble.

Whatever way you are doing it, your biggest enemy during this mission is that the police, not the deadline . Keep your cool and your speed up. learning many pieces of bullion can reduce your car to a walking speed. Slow enough for a policeman to simply run up and pull you out. you've got been warned :)

How To Install

Download Link: Click Here

Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 75MB 
File Name: CJ Remastered 2021

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