Kind Of Like The Counter Strike For GTA San Andreas Mod


Kind Of Like The Counter Strike For GTA San Andreas Mod

Grand Theft Aero

Here you discover out that in 'A drop by The Ocean' you were acting as a decoy to require police attention faraway from the plane that you simply followed. the important package was within the plane right along but unfortunately it had been seized at the airport when it arrived. Donald has paid off the customs officers so he wants you to travel collect the package from the airport.

A precision rifle makes this mission easy so if you dont have one, get one from ammunation in Newport. Full health and armour also will help but you shouldnt need it. Any car will do.

Right first you've got to drive to the airport at Shoreside Vale. Take the bridge or tunnel, it's up to you. The destination is during a hanger behind the airport main building. you'll got to take the frontage road between the airport and therefore the carpark, smashing throught the barriers within the your way.

follow the road round to the hanger that has two vans parked ahead of it.Once you get on the brink of the hanger, one among the vans drives passed you and out the airport. Ignore it you are doing not got to take any action against it.

Kind Of Like The Counter Strike For GTA San Andreas Mod

When you pass the doorway to the hanger you'll get a message saying the Cartel are here. don't be tempted to drive into the hanger to run them over. a minimum of one among them has an M-16 which can waste your car in seconds. Instead chase away from the hanger entrance and snipe the Cartel from a secure distance. Once all 4 are dead you're liberal to enter the hanger to urge within the plane.

Then package isn't within the plane so you want to go and investigate the van parked outside the hanger to seek out out where it's going to be. recover from to the van to get that it's a Pan Lantic van meaning the package may are taken to the development site back on Staunton island.

Kind Of Like The Counter Strike For GTA San Andreas Mod

Drive over there using your radar to guide you. once you arrive you'll discover that the dot on the radar is pertaining to a neighborhood sectioned off by blue walls. There are a gaggle of Cartel guarding this area and one is guarding the on rock bottom floor of the building next to the unfinished skyscraper. By all means run in guns firing if you're confident enough, but the straightforward way is to snipe them from outside.

Use the banks of gravel round the edges and therefore the building next thereto to urge some height in order that you'll snipe them. you'll need to move around to different positions to urge the Cartel. A soon as you kill the primary one all other Cartel will know you're after them and can take position. If you dont kill the one within the building frist, he will run into the blue walled area.

You may not be ready to get all of them but a minimum of a number of them are going to be dead. you'll tell if there are any left by walking round the perimeter of the blue wall of silence . If there are any left you'll here them shouting threats at you. Run in and take them out with an Uzi. Once they're all dead, locate the yellow elevator within the blue walled area.

You will then see the cutscene showing you a dramatic twist within the storyline. After it's finished, take the briefcase back to Donald Love using the radar to assist you if you would like it.

How To Use

To run the kind of code: FPS.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Kind Of Like The Counter Strike

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