GTA San Andreas Weapons On The Ground Mod


GTA San Andreas Weapons On The Ground Mod

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Donald features a shipment that must be transported across town during a Securicar to a warehouse in Shoreside Vale. He wants you to follow it and protect it from anybody that tries to attack it. Following the Securicar is challenging and fun, as you battle with the Cartel to guard it. However, if you only cant seem to try to to it, there's a simple way.

Drive to the Securicar just around the corner from the beginning of the mission (use radar to assist you discover it) and initiate it by getting on the brink of it. Dont stop ahead of it. the driving force is an idiot like most drivers during this city and can barge his way through you, causing uneccesary damage.

Once it drives north towards the tunnel entrance, dont follow it. Take the highway round the sea front to the raising bridge.

Before you begin shouting "but it'll be unprotected", following the Securicar only increases its danger of being attacked. you'll know this already but there are only cars and other people about within the area around you. Everywhere else within the city, the streets are empty. Even the Cartel won't be around unless you're there. this suggests the Securicar features a free route with none trouble from other vehicles if you retain your distance from it.

Instead, i would like you to drive over the raising bridge to Shoreside Vale. But dont cross over to Shoreside Vale yet. Stop your car just after the Raising part, on the bridge itself. It ends just after the central wall widens again.

Now you've got to take a seat and watch your radar. Sometimes once you cross over to Shoreside Vale before the Securicar does, it freezes and you've got to travel back to release it again. So wait until the dot on your radar is level with the N. Only then are you able to cross over to Shoreside.

GTA San Andreas Weapons On The Ground Mod

Cross over the bridge and as you're coming down the opposite side. Notice the tunnel exit to your left. you would like to urge your car on top of the tunnel exit by driving round the back (east) of it. Position your car facing out over the road above the exit and wait.

Moments before the Securicar exits the tunnel, two Cartel members will suddenly appear from nothingness . One on top of the tunnel exit you're on (or on top of your car if you're parked right the edge) and another over by the junction to the airport. Run the one ahead of you over and snipe the one at the traffic lights.

Dont worry an excessive amount of if you dont get them both. As long as there's good amount of injury left on the meter it'll survive. Once the Securicar comes out of the tunel exit it'll chase away up Capitol Hill . A Cartel Cruiser will probably come flying out of the junction ahead to follow it but dont move! Stay where you're and await the Securicar to urge to its destination. it's going to take a couple of moment but twiddling my thumbs . Once it does, you'll see the mission complete message and here the music.

I have done it this manner several times without fail. Keep your eye on the radar to form sure the Securicar hasn't stopped. Ocassionally it's going to appear to be stopped but it's probably driving faraway from you or towards you. If it's stopped you'll need to go and find it but once you get close it should get going again. revisit to your previous position as fast as you'll . Be patent! It takes a short time for the Securicar to urge across. :)

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