GTA San Andreas Ultimate Super Vehicle V2.0 Mod


GTA San Andreas Ultimate Super Vehicle V2.0 Mod


Now you'll get your first piece of real meat. Following on from the last mission, Donald wants you to act as a decoy to draw the police faraway from the warehouse where the Securicar took his shipment to. you've got a complete of three minutes to stay the police busy.

It doesnt matter if you've got a quick car here or not. you've got to drive the Securicar. Health and armour aren't important either as you'll be within the Securicar for the whole duration of the mission.

Ok, drive over to Shoreside Vale to seek out the Securicar. It parked up ahead of a warehouse within the Pike Creek area. you'll know once you are becoming close because there are many police cars and vans parked round the area expecting you to form a move. The police won't get on to you until you get into the Securicar.

If you would like you'll take this moment to explore this area and compute a secure route to the airport because this is often where you stand more chance during this mission. One thing to understand is that you simply wanted level goes to instantly rise to 6! this suggests the police are getting to be everywhere you in seconds.

Strangely whenever I even have done this mission I expected the military to be involved since the wanted level was maximum. I even have only seen one army truck which was wont to found out a road block. I didnt even see any FBI cars.

Before you climb within the Securicar though, go find a touch tarmac area next (west) to the airport carpark. Its fenced off at one side by the road and there are hills on the opposite side. These are the hills you're getting to drive right down to get to the airport area. Remember this route from the Securicar and be proud of what direction you're getting to need to drive to urge there.

GTA San Andreas Ultimate Super Vehicle V2.0 Mod

The absolute best place to be is on one among the runways driving up and down. Police cars cant get you here for a few reason and therefore the helicopters wont be ready to get an attempt off at you if you retain driving up and down.

Once you're proud of the route, grit your teeth and jump within the Securicar. The timer starts and your wanted level maximises. Dont lollygag around get out of the carpark as quickly as possible. i like to recommend the traditional exit over the ramp but it's up to you. Just remember that if the Securicar lands on its roof, its mission over!

Once out of the carpark head south towards the airport as best as you'll . you'll be instantly bombarded by the police so attempt to avoid the collisions and confine a line . Dont attempt to lose them, you cant outrun them during this slow van and you will find yourself getting stuck somwhere.

GTA San Andreas Ultimate Super Vehicle V2.0 Mod

Your worst enemy is gunfire. Bullets do more damage to the vehicle than collisions so keep moving and dont let the helicopters get an attempt off at you. Avoid burning cars just like the plague. they might spell instant death to you if they magnify next to you.

If you're taking the tarmac area you'll approach and down it continuosly avoiding the helicpoters and any police vehicles that follow you in. The police cant get to behind the wall but there could also be one that gets in from Capitol Hill side.

Should you get into the airport, head for the runways where you'll circle as mentioned before. Keep doing this until the timer run

How To Use

The chic Fashion Ultimate Vehicle v2.0 for GTA San Andreas. Have you dreamed of a cool and invulnerable vehicle? With this mod, it will become a reality. This car has a huge amount of health and can arrange different types of explosions.


The car has 500,000 HP;
Invulnerability from explosion, collisions, etc.;
It has a lot of mass;
You can't shoot tires;
You can't blow a shot at a gas tank.


To call the car, dial "SUPERVEHICLE";
To cause a big explosion, click "Tab"+"Ctrl";
To cause a four-way explosion, click "Tab"+"U";
To cause an explosion in the air, click "Tab"+"I".

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name:Ultimate Super Vehicle V2.0 

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