GTA San Andreas Put Weapon On Your Body V1.2 Latest Version


GTA San Andreas Put Weapon On Your Body V1.2 Latest Version

Big n Veiny

This could be a troublesome mission counting on how briskly you'll drive. El burro informs you that somebody has stolen a van filled with porn mags and therefore the driver has left the rear door open spilling a trail of all of them over town. you want to pick them up one by one before the counter reaches zero. Everytime you choose up a magazine, it adds a second to your counter.

For this mission you'll need to be quick and skillful. Unfortunately you'll need to use the van allocated which is hard to drive fast as its always trying to tip over.

As you'll well know learning the magazines isn't as simple because it seems. Traffic is running as was common and on most occasions will get in your way. Timing is vital here as you'll well reach a magazine even as another vehicle is on top of it.

The best thing to try to to if this happens is to return alongside the vehicle and barge it to the side. you simply need to touch the magazine to select it up so you dont need to drive totally over it. Shunting a car from the rear usually ends in tears as you'll probably lose control.

Seeing as only a couple of wasted seconds can mean the top of the mission you ought to attempt to avoid all major collisions albeit it means waiting a flash to attend for a blockage to clear. The key to the present mission is to drive cleanly and not panic if you here the counter ticking down the last 10 seconds. this is often usually the purpose where you'll lose the mission as your driving becomes more erratic as you struggle to gather the magazines, causing you to form a mistake . There are points where you'll be ready to catch up so if you hear the countdown, keep calm!

GTA San Andreas Put Weapon On Your Body V1.2 Latest Version

Dont fret if you dont do the primary time around. Like turismo, this mission becomes easier the more you are doing it as you'll learn where the trail of magazines leads.

Following the trail will bring you to portland harbour. When entering the ultimate area to select up the last of the mags, you'll see a van with a person standing ahead of it directly after the ultimate mag. Simply run the person over to end this a part of the mission.

You then need to drive the van to XXX magazines within the red light district. Use your radar to seek out the dropoff point. The blue marker, where you want to park the van, is in an alleyway behind xxx magazines. Now you'll sit back and watch all those dirty old men buy their copy.

What's quite funny is that once you comlete this mission there'll be a stack of porno mags delivered to your hideout. oh but you cant read them. Doh... i mean good!

This is the last of the phone missions for El burro but do you have to return to the present phone later, you'll be ready to compete in turismo again and again. The radar won't tell you were this phone is from now on though.


To activate the mod, type "9XGB" or "9XWB";
To turn off the mod, dial "9XGB" or "9XWB" again;
To put the weapon behind your back, press "0";
To return the weapon to its normal state, click "Enter" or change weapons.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Put Weapon On Your Body V1.2

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