GTA San Andreas Protect Grove Street V1 Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Protect Grove Street V1 Mod For Pc


Like to drive fast? Good, because this mission may be a race. Once El burro has finished lecture you, you would like to make a decision what car to urge . Faster is best as this is often a race through check points round the city. most of the people will choose the banshee (dodge viper look-alike) which you'll find in Easy credit autos, next to 8-ball's.

The banshee is that the fastest car you'll hope for at this moment but its not the sole one which will complete this misson. I even have done it with the sentinel and that i dare say there are variety of other vehicles which will roll in the hay . Just dont attempt to roll in the hay during a bus!

The aim of the mission is to drive through all the checkpoints, IN SEQUENCE, before any of the opposite drivers. you'll be up against some cars you'll not have seen before. These are the fastest cars within the game but if you've got the banshee you'll be pleased to understand you've got the fastest acceleration which is a plus .

GTA San Andreas Protect Grove Street V1 Mod For Pc

The checkpoints are shown on your radar. The pink dot is your next checkpoint and therefore the purple dot is that the checkpoint following. this provides you a thought on the way to plan your route.

If you dont do that the primary time, dont worry, you now have a plus as you now have a thought to where the checkpoints are. you'll not remember all of them initially but the more you are doing this mission, the more checkpoints you'll remember. in time you wont even need the radar. That's once you get really fast times!

A good trick to try to to on this mission is to follow the leader for the entire race. this manner you recognize where to travel and once you hit the ultimate straight (the race finishes where it starts) blast past the leader.

Be wary of the opposite drivers as they're going to take you out sometimes albeit it means they lose out. Very frustrating!

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Protect Grove Street V1

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