GTA San Andreas Police Escape Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Police Escape Mod For Pc


Asuka has acknowledged from Miguel that a shipment of spank is coming in to St Francis Airport for the Cartel. She wants you to urge over there and destroy the plane in order that you'll get the spank for her.

First off. i like to recommend you gettting the Barracks OL for this mission as you'll be arising against some very aggressive police. A precision rifle will are available very handy also , so pick one up at ammunation if you havent already got one. Drive to mission start point and position the truck in order that you'll leave the development site.

When you start the mission you've got only 3 and a half minutes to urge to the most runway of the Airport. to try to to this you've got to urge to the boat moored at a jetty on the south-west corner of Staunton Island. Drive out of the development site and use the radar to urge to the Jetty as quickly as you'll .

Once you get to the foot ramp that takes you from the road right down to the jetty. Park the truck at the highest and run right down to the boat. you'll be returning to the truck so leave it on the brink of the ramp. devour the launcher that's on the Jetty if you would like to and obtain into the boat as quickly as you'll .

Now sail across the bay to the top of the runway at the airport as quick as you'll . Use your radar, as normal, to navigate. As you come up to the top of the runway you'll notice a Cartel member standing next to a speeder boat on the proper of the runway. ditch him now and specialise in a ramp that's on the left side of the runway. Simply sail the boat up this ramp and let it scrape to a hault. Get out and appearance at your timer.

If you've got time you'll use your precision rifle to kill three Cartel members who are guarding the ramp that takes you up onto the runway. you'll then run up to the runway and obtain your launcher out able to remove the plane beside the runway. Its easier to shoot the plane when standing up by the runway. If you cant rise up there in time (usually a few minute is needed) then position yourself together with your launcher down on the ledge and await the plane.

GTA San Andreas Police Escape Mod For Pc

Unfortunately, obstructing the runway with the Cartel Cruiser doesn't magnify the plane. you've got to use the launcher . this might take practise and you almost certainly wont catch on first time but if you are doing you've got to then get the packages that are scattered about the plane wreckage.

Your wanted level should now be at 4 so helicopters won't be distant from you. Just keep moving and devour the packages as quickly as possible. Dont worry about police cars. They cant catch on the runway. Once you've got the packages you would like to return them to the development site.

Run backtrack to the ledge where your boat is. Your not getting to use an equivalent boat you used previously. Its too slow and therefore the helicopter will waste if you're unlucky. Instead get the speeder boat that's being guarded by the Cartel member. Naturally you've got to kill him first then jump into the boat.

Speed back east across the channel to the jetty you picked up the first boat from. Again dont waste time pulling the boat up against he jetty, simply drive it up the top and slide it along as far because it will go. leap out and run up the ramp to your truck that's still parked up there.

This is the sole point that the police can get you. take care to not get run over and jump into the truck, immediately getting up some speed in order that the police cant pull you out. Once you're on your way, drive straight to the development site. Dont worry about getting your wanted level down. As soon as you finish the mission the wanted level is wiped.

Arriving back at the development site shows you a progression within the story to unlock the ultimate mission 'ransom' that you simply can start at Cedar Grove. 

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Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name: Police Escape Mod For Pc 

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