GTA San Andreas Outfit Manager Like GTA 5 Cheat Menu


GTA San Andreas Outfit Manager Like GTA 5 Cheat Menu

The crook

The guy on the pone is Marty Chonks. the person who owns the bitchin petfood factory you're standing next to. Marty believes his director is cheating him out of cash then he wants you to gather the leech up from outside the bank and convey him back to the factory.

First you would like to urge the car inside the factory grounds, indicated by the purple dot on your radar. to urge thereto you want to enter the factory through the gate which is simply down the road from the phonephone . You dont need a car to open the gate so you'll walk if you wish .

Once in you ought to easily find the car parked around the back highlighted by a blue arrow. Climb in.

GTA San Andreas Outfit Manager Like GTA 5 Cheat Menu

Now you've got to select up the director in china town. Drive carefully to the destination using your radar as guidance and check out to not destroy car. a couple of knocks are ok but death of the car means death of the mission.

Pull up beside the director (do not run him over) and wait until he gets in. Then drive him back to the petfood factory, indicated on your radar as was common , and park the car on the blue marker. Now watch the director walk into the factory to satisfy his doom.

Once the cutscene has finished you'll be instructed to require the car to the car crusher in harwood to be destroyed. DO EXACTLY THAT! If you destroy the car the other way, then you'll you'll fail the mission.

Once you discover the car crusher, pull abreast of the blue marker as was common and exit the vehicle. Now you'll sit back and watch the car being craned into the car crusher. Mission Complete!

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