GTA San Andreas Neon Style Speedo Meter Mod For Pc


GTA San Andreas Neon Style Speedo Meter Mod For Pc

The Wife

Now Marty needs some money so he plans to bump his wife in order that he can claim on the insurance. because the previous two missions take the car from the factory and use your radar to seek out his wife. Pick her up and drive her back to the factory stopping, as was common on the blue marker.

Once the wife is dead you've got to require the car and dump it within the sea. Portland Harbour is near by so take it here. approach to the sting of the docks then get out. Dont attempt to approach to the sting and leap out at the eleventh hour , its impossible . you'll need to use another car to nudge it into the ocean .

There are many cars round the harbour to try to to this. a mild nudge is all that's needed to send the car to watery grave. Mission complete.

GTA San Andreas Neon Style Speedo Meter Mod For Pc

Her Lover

Marty's wife was seeing someone whow marty owes money to. This particular person wants to ascertain Marty directly so you've got to travel and pick them up. Repeat the method of the previous missions to select up the lover and convey him back to the factory.

Once you bring him back to the factory you'll see the blue marker to prevent on and a figure standing behind it. this is often Marty Chonks himself. Sorry looking fellow isnt he... well... not for long! :)
This is the top of the missions at this phone so it wont ring from now on.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Neon Style Speedo Meter

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