GTA San Andreas Drive Score V2 Latest Version Mod


GTA San Andreas Drive Score V2 Latest Version Mod

2. I scream, you scream

El burro tells you that a gang has threatened to get rid of his 'best friend' should he not pay them a cut. El burro knows this gang features a soft spot for frozen dessert so he wants you to select up some explosives, find the frozen dessert van and provides them an frozen dessert they're going to remember.

So get in your car and find the suitcase of explosives using your radar. Once you've got picked up the explosives a purple dot will appear on your radar to point out you where the frozen dessert van is. Go catch it up!

The frozen dessert van is driving through the town so you'll got to stop it so as to car jack it. In some cases you'll find an frozen dessert van on your thanks to the one marked by the radar. If this is often the case then you'll use this also.

GTA San Andreas Drive Score V2 Latest Version Mod

Once on top of things of the frozen dessert van you want to take it to the place indicated on your radar by the pink dot being careful to not trash it. there's no timer so you'll drive carefully. curiously enough the frozen dessert van doesn't appear to visually take any damage but nevertheless it'll damage a bit like any vehicle.

Once at the proper place, park the van on the blue marker and sound the horn to show on the comical music. Get out of the van and move faraway from it. Standing at the doorway to the yard may be a good place in order that you'll see the van. After a flash a gaggle of fellas will straddle bent the van. Resevoir dogs theme music would be quite appropriate here!

When the gang members are all crowded round the frozen dessert van, press your fire button to activate the bomb. BOOM!

If by any chance it didnt kill all of them then finish them off yourself together with your guns or a car. Usually the gang drop their uzis and much of cash once they are dead so help yourself!

Drift points
Points hovering in the air
Speed points.

To activate the mod, click "0"
To see your title, click "Tab"
To turn off the mod, click "0" again.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Drive Score V2 Latest Version Mod 

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