GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod


GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod

Trial By Fire

Some triads have stolen El burro's car containing a number of his prized posessions! He wants payback and he wants you to offer it.

This mission is sort of a rampage. confirm you've got full health and armour for this mission because it is required for you to finish this on foot. First you want to devour the flame thrower from an alleyway in china town. Use the radar once more to seek out the situation of the flamethrower.

As soon as you choose up the flamethrower you'll activate the timer. you want to kill 25 triads within the deadline to finish this. the simplest thing to try to to is to form your thanks to the nearby basket ball court which is simply east of where you picked up the flamethrower. Use the car to urge there if you would like .

GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod

There should be an entire bunch of triads standing within the basket ball court and as long as you retain traveling it, triads will appear all about you. the rationale why its an honest place to try to to this mission is because it keeps you out of the roads where you're safe from vengeful triads who may run you over in their vans having seen you toasting their mates.

Taking out triads with guns first and not setting yourself ablaze are important things to stay in mind. If you discover that there are not any triads around, move out of the basket ball court and into th park area that surrounds. Dont worry about removing the odd pedestrian, although you'll attract the police if you kill too many of the general public .

Killing the triads by running them over doesn't count, only the flame thrower can do the business. Boo!

Warning:- if the triads dont hate you already, then they sure will after this mission. Watch your back in triad territory as they're going to do anything to kill you!

GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod
GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod

GTA San Andreas Cj New House Textures Mod

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File Name:Cj New House Textures Mod

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