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GTA San Andreas Engine ON OFF Mod Pc


GTA San Andreas Engine ON OFF Mod Pc

Ken reveals that the mob plan on paying you a visit soon, but just they have a favour from you. Forelli's cousin, Georgio, could attend jail for five years for fraud, and you would like to form the 2 jurors change their minds. devour the hammer outside Ken's office, and go and bang up their cars - one is found in Ocean Beach, and therefore the other is in Washington Beach.

GTA San Andreas Engine ON OFF Mod Pc

you'll use the hammer or an identical wepaon, and you'll also ram their cars with another vehicle, it's entirely your choice. don't kill the jurors though, you would like them to be alive! Once they modify their minds and choose that Georgio is innocent, you earn $400 for completing the mission. Afterwards you receive a call from Sonny, who is interested by what you've got been upto. He reiterates the very fact that he wants his a refund , and warns you to not betray him.

How To Use

If you enter a car, engine is off. The turning on is tricky, first you have to push 2 Button (it's like releaseing handbrake) wait 1 sec then push 1 Button. Then engine is on. (Used on Bikes, Planes, Cars, Everything.)You have to do this only if you get inside of a parked, or a jacked car.While you'r driving you still can turn off and on the engine whit button ( 1 To ON ) ( 2 To OFF ).

Download Link: Click Here.
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:Engine ON OFF Mod Pc

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