Super Bike Mod GTA San Andreas For Pc


Super Bike Mod GTA San Andreas For Pc

Kanbu Bust out

Your first job for Kenji and although his sister, Asuka, speaks highly of you, he's yet to be convinced. A vauable member of the Yakuza is being held in custordy at the police headquarters just north of the casino. Kenji wants you to interrupt him out.

This sounds quite daunting initially but if you follow the instructions it shouldnt be too difficult. confirm you recognize the quickest route to the respray shop from the police headquarters . The respray shop is behind (east) the white multi-storey carpark in Newport.

First get yourself a cruiser . there's one always parked within the police headquarters parking lot . Go get in it and drive north to 8-balls garage near the respray shop. you've got to rig it with a bomb in order that you'll blow the Yakuza member out of jail.

Once at the 8-Ball garage, drive in and await the door to reopen. Now repel to the police headquarters being careful to not attract any attention from the police yet. Once at the police headquarters , gain access to the rear (north) police vehicle compound by waiting at one among the gates. Once it opens make your way into the compound and park the police vehicle on the blue marker. At now you'll hear the sound of a person being beaten up inside the police headquarters . Poor Yakuza!

Super Bike Mod GTA San Andreas For Pc

Arm the bomb by pressing your fire button then get out the car and run to a secure distance. When the bomb pops , a hole are going to be blown within the wall nearby and your wanted level will rise to three . Dont panic. The police cars speeding all around you cant get to you during this compound. Dont lollygag around though, because a police helicopter has already been dispatched and can shoot at you if it gets close.

Run over to the opening within the wall and you'll see the Yakuza member waiting there for you. Lead him back to the enforcer police wagon or the cruiser (the choice is up to you) and obtain in. Wait until the Yakuza member gets in then leave the compound through the west gate. Down this manner may be a police bribe, which you'll use to drop your wanted level to 2 and obtain the helicopter off your back.

Now the police are a touch bit more relaxed towards you. If you recognize where there's two more police bribes you'll find these to drop your wanted level for free of charge .

Alternatively you'll wipe your wanted level by going to the respray shop indicated on your radar. Bare in mind that you simply cannot respray a cruiser , so you'll need to transfer to a different car. to try to to this safely, drive to the multi-storey carpark and find a car in there. this manner you'll transfer without being hounded by the police.

Once you've got eradicated the wanted level you're liberal to take him to the Dojo, indicated on your radar as was common , to finish the mission.

How To Use

Now when you press K (Engl.) you will arrive NRG500 c Super sposobnastâmi shorter smotrie video. Press L (Engl.) to let go of the bike!

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name:Super Bike Mod 

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