Remastered HQ Radar For GTA San Andreas For Pc


Remastered HQ Radar For GTA San Andreas For Pc

Sayonara Salvatore

Before you complete this mission. remember that Portland Island are going to be a really dangerous place. Entry into Leone territory after this mission are going to be more dangerous than Triad territory beacause the members of the Leone Family carry shotguns which may blow your car up albeit you drive past at speed! If you would like to finish the sport one hundred pc I stongly suggest you doing everything you'll at now including rampages, finding hidden packages and special vehicle missions.

You have found some new friends within the Yakuza but your current contact, Asuka, wants proof that you simply not have any ties with the Leone Family. To prove this she wants you to kill Salvatore Leone himself! She instructs you to urge to Luigis club where Salvatore are going to be leaving shortly (dont inquire from me how she knows this) in 3 hours time.

This mission is considered some people to be very hard but it really isnt if you follow these steps. First of all you're getting to need a precision rifle . Hopefully you continue to have one left from the 'Bomb da Base' mission that 8-ball gave to you.

If you dont, you'll buy one from ammunation in newport. Use your map if you dont know where this is often .

Ok now you've got a precision rifle , you'll make your over to Portland Island. Luigis nightclub, indicated on your radar, is where you're headed and as you get close you'll probably get a message saying 'dont lollygag around this area or the mafia will see you.' Dont worry about this an excessive amount of.

Remastered HQ Radar For  GTA San Andreas For Pc

Across the road from Luigi's Sex Club Seven (east) is another night club where you'll get to the roof. there's a staircase in an alleyway behind this club. Climb them to urge to the roof. Run up the ramp to your left as you reach the very best of the staircase to urge to the highest point and attend the north-west corner.

Do not stand on the particular ledge because Salvatores bodyguards will see you once they begin . you ought to see Luigi's club across the road ahead of you.

Keep you eye on the alleyway that comes out beside the club together with your sniple rifle ready. you are doing not got to do anything until the bodyguards begin to return out and therefore the three black sentinels pull up.

Now prepare together with your precision rifle , zooming in to the alleyway entrance. you'll see on your radar the green dot representing Salvatore. As soon as Salvatore appears, shoot him within the head. Dont shoot him anywhere else as there's an opportunity you'll only injure him and he will run to his car get within the car and it you'll lose him.

From this position you'll probably only get two shots max at him. Make them count!

The key to the present mission is to form sure your viewpoint features a good view of the alleyway entrance. Dont panic when Salvatore appears and fire off stray shots for the sake of it. Position your dot in order that Salvatore's head passes through it and hit the hearth button as soon as hes in target.

Salvatore is dead. You now work for the Yakuza and therefore the Mafia hate you quite anybody.

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