RGB Color Car Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

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RGB Color Car Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Bomb Da Base: Act i

Salvatore Leone cares at the growing force of the Columbian Cartel through there spank factory. he's not certain but he believes it's the ship in portland harbour that's getting used because the factory and he wants you to blow it up for him. Not that tough then!

The first act of this mission simply requires you to drive to 8-balls to speak to him about the task at hand. once you get to 8-balls, using the 8 icon on the radar as help, stand on the blue marker.

RGB Color Car Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

8-ball will tell you he needs $100,000 to hide the prices of which can begin of your money. Whether you've got the cash or not, this act is finished so go and save NOW! That way, you'll come straight back to 8-balls do you have to fail act ii rather than having to travel to Salvatore first.

If you dont have $100,000 then you better start performing some other missions. Once you've got the cash head back over to 8-balls and stand on the blue marker to activate subsequent act.

How To Use

Activates Rainbow Color change Effect when you Enter a Car and stops it when you Exit the Car.

You can Change The Cylce Time Through The different Colors by editing the "rainbow.ini" file.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:RGB Color Car Mod 

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