Petrol Station Mod For GTA San Pc

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Petrol Station Mod For GTA San Pc

Dead Skunk in the Trunk

A mission with a twist!

Joey informs you that one among the forelli brothers has been removed and placed within the boot of a car at the cafe next to the callahan bridge. He wants you to require the car to the car crusher in Harwood to eliminate the evidence.

Make your thanks to the cafe using the radar as guidance. it isn't far. within the parking lot of the cafe, you'll see a blue arrow pointing to a car. this is often the car that has the stiff within the boo and you want to take it to the crusher.

Now before you get in, you ought to shop around you because also parked within the parking lot may be a sentinel car with a shifty looking fella sitting in it. this is often another Forelli brother (dont inquire from me what percentage forelli brothers there are) and be warned that there's another one parked just north-west of the cafe ahead of a tunnel.

The Forelli brothers are expecting you to enter the car then they're going to hunt you down and cause you to pay.

Petrol Station Mod For GTA San Pc

Most people will attempt to drive the car straight to the car crusher, trying to avoid the onslaught the Forelli brothers offer you within the process but this will be difficult if your not an expert yet. Even the Experts are often pushed into an unavoidable collision by the pursuers so here is an alternate method do you have to fail to try to to it this way:

Get yourself an enormous tough vehicle. the hearth engine is ideal for this as its quick and manouverable for a vehicle of its size. Now all you've got to try to to is remove the Forelli brothers first by ramming their cars to oblivion. As soon as you create contact with one among the Forelli's cars they're going to both begin to attack but consider takin out the one parked at the doorway to the tunnel. an honest thanks to do that is to Use the twin carriageway to select up some speed and ram the car side on as fast as you'll , sending it spinning out of control.

With any luck the sentinel you only hit will find yourself on its roof and explode taking the driving force with it. If it doesnt attempt to push it into the ocean . Dont be tempted to urge out and pull the driving force out of the car. The door is locked!

The second car is harder to urge as you dont have a run at it. it'll be trying to urge at you from the instant you create contact with the primary car. If your still within the tunnel it shouldnt be ready to get at you until you allow it. attempt to turn it over by pushing it up slopes or hitting it side on. you'll also try luring it towards the ocean front and nudging it in if it gets on the brink of the sting . take care to not drive into the ocean yourself!

Unless your brave otherwise you haven't any choice, don't get out of the hearth engine until both Forelli brothers are Dead as you'll be at very high risk of being run over. If you discover yourself on foot attempt to get into another vehicle as soon as possible.

Once the Forelli's are dead you're liberal to take the car to the car crusher as calmly as you wish , using the radar if you dont know where this is often .

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Size: 3MB 
File Name:Petrol Station Mod

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