Parkour Mod GTA San Andreas Pc


Parkour Mod GTA San Andreas Pc

Luigi's Girls

Dead simple. you've got to drive to the hospital to select up misty, one among luigi's girls. there's nothing more to the present mission aside from using your radar to locate misty pull up beside her and await her to urge in. Then take her back to the club. Once completed, you get your first pay check and an opportunity to now explore the town you'll also take this chance to save lots of for the primary time.

Parkour Mod GTA San Andreas Pc

Now the planet is your oyster... Well, the town anyway! Explore. Get to understand the town and memorise certain landmarks. you'll make a attention of the world names you travel through but this is often not essential as you'll always have your radar.

A good thanks to learn the town is to urge yourself a taxi and do the sub-mission. If you'll learn where to drop off people by the toponym rather than using the radar, you'll learn parts of the town quicker.

Ready for subsequent mission? Head towards the L on the radar then. this means where you'll get work from Luigi :)

How To Use


Longer jump: when jumping, hold Jump+Sprint+Forward
Higher jump: hold Jump button only.
Roll: while falling, hold C   (when doing roll, you don't get damage)
Wallrun: jump on the wall and hold Jump+W. When wallrunning, you can do a sideflip - press A or D.
Jump off wall: jump on wall and hold Jump+Sprint, then release. If you hold the keys too long, you will fall. You can also change direction by holding A or D before releasing keys.
Slide down on wall: when falling and touching a wall, hold R.
Frontflip: in air, double press W
Backflip: in air, double press S
You can adjust the speed of front/backflip. Hold Ctrl and press numpad + or -
"Assassin's Creed" jump: when jumping, hold R.
Sit down:  press Aim (right clk) + B.
Tai Chi:  press Aim + T
When sitting or doing Tai Chi, your energy and health increases. The longer you rest, the faster you run.
Good luck remembering all that  :D

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name: Parkour Mod 

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