Notebook Mod V1.0 For GTA San Andreas Pc

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Notebook Mod V1.0 For GTA San Andreas Pc

Two-Faced Tanner

GTA3 makes a dig at its aging, rival PC and Playstation game 'Driver' by handing you a mission where you've got to kill an under-cover cop named 'Tanner'. Seeing because the lead character in Driver is named 'Tanner' and is an undercover cop its obvious Rockstar are having a touch of a giggle. Even Asuka refers to Tanner as a 'strangly animated cop' hehe. what is going to those guys at Rockstar come up with next.

Anyway, minor insults aside, you've got a mission to try to to and whether you're keen on Tanner or not you continue to need to kill him. Before you are doing anything , go and obtain the Barracks OL truck at the military Surplus in Rockford. Its right the north tip of the Island if your unsure where which will be.

Why the Barracks OL? Well if you dont know all ready, barring the Tank, its subsequent toughest vehicle within the game and features a hell of tons of ramming power and armour. it is also quick and manouverable for its size. you'll need it because the police are gonna be everywhere you here.

When you have the Barracks OL recover from to Kenji's casino and stop on the blue marker out the front. there'll be a car parked ahead of you. That's tanners. As soon as you stop on the marker you'll see tanner get into his car and chase away .

Notebook Mod V1.0 For GTA San Andreas Pc

Get after him but dont touch him just yet. you'll follow him as long as you wish and he wont get spooked by you. As long as you dont touch him he will drive around oblivious. Bare in mind that as soon as you touch him, he will make a run it and your wanted level will soar to level 4! this suggests you ought to plan your moment of attack carefully.

Dont attempt to block the road ahead of him. He will drive around it. an honest place to attack is near the ocean front. Hit him within the sweet spot here and you'll ram him into the ocean and have the mission complete before its really begun. More likely though is that you simply wont be ready to do that and therefore the cops are going to be on you in a moment .

This is where the Barracks OL is at a plus because cop cars will just bounce off of it and any traffic within the way are going to be smashed aside. Even buses! Saying that. you'll still want to avoid a collision because the Barracks OL isn't impregnable and with cops constantly bombarding you it'll gradually take its toll.

Notebook Mod V1.0 For GTA San Andreas Pc

Ram him, push him into the wall, deflect him into the paths of other vehicles, push him up slopes and hit him side on. Do everything you'll to show that vehicle over or wreck it! attempt to avoid fish tailing him though. All this does is spin him round and doesnt do any real damage. It slows down the entire show and only gives the cops more chance to try to to more damage to you.

Interestingly. If tanner decides to show at a junction and drive down a particular road, then he will always want to drive down that road albeit you push him faraway from it. you'll push him completely across the Island and he would return thereto road just to drive down it. This helps you are expecting which way he's getting to follow you hit him at a junction.

Be careful once you come to a stop or are travelling slow. Police could also be close to pull you out and seeing as this is often the sole possible way for police to prevent you, you'll want to deny them this opportunity . Once tanner gets out his car, run him over (if he hasnt died within the explosion or drowned within the sea) to finish the mission.

How To Use

Take a notebook in hand and press left ALT. Here you can:

hacking system of the cops, if you have the search;
medicine online (need a lot of money);

listen to some music (add to CLEO/NOTEBOOK/hd/Musicas and in accordance with names replace with your own. You can insert up to 8 songs). Exit at F or select the last item.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 21MB 
File Name:Notebook Mod V1.0

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