New Weapons Pack 2020 For GTA San Andreas Mod

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New Weapons Pack 2020 For GTA San Andreas Mod

Plaster Blaster

A tricky one this, but go get the Barracks OL truck from the military Surplus in Rockford as you're getting to need to do a touch of ramming. catch on before you begin the mission because you wont be ready to catch on once the mission has started.

The witness you tried to kill in 'silence the sneak' isnt dead. He's considerably alive, if not with a couple of broken bones (funny, i assumed I blew his head clean off). Anyway he's getting to squeal to the police on Ray if you dont stop him.

He is being transported across town, from the instant the mission starts, from the hospital in Rockford to the police headquarters in Torrington. The ambulence carrying him always makes for the highway that runs south from the south-east corner of the Pan Atlantic construction site to Kenji's casino (not the one that goes over the top).

It may travel straight towards the highway or take a route south round the stadium first then back across town to the highway. Which route will take is right down to pure luck and unfortunately there's no thanks to tell which way its going until you catch up with it.

New Weapons Pack 2020 For GTA San Andreas Mod

You have to ram the ambulence until the damage bar is full. Then the witness will begin the rear , rather comically covered during a full body cast .

The first course of action to try to to is to go north towards the hospital. Keep glancing at the radar to see the position of the Ambulence. Hopefully it'll take the route round the stadium. That way you get longer to cause damage. Whichever way it goes attempt to position yourself in order that you'll hit the ambulence head on as fast as you'll .

At first the ambulence are going to be driving normally, obeying traffic laws but as soon as you get close, it'll make an opportunity for it and you'll need to get your skates on to catch up if you haven't already smashed it to oblivion.

Dont await it at the side of the road and take it out with a launcher . If it explodes or falls into the ocean , the sport will announce it as a decoy and release another one from the hospital. Doh!

Good places to require it out are near the stadium or on the highway. attempt to avoid damaging the ambulence in Cartel territory because you'll need to destroy the cast during a second and you dont want the Cartel annoying you while you're trying to try to to this.

Once you knock the witness out of the ambulence you'll probably notice you've got a touch little bit of police attention. Finding a police bribe isn't strictly necessary because you're within the Barracks OL and therefore the police will just bounce off it. Drive the wheels of the truck directly over the witness' cast . the load of it should be enough to interrupt the plaster and kill the witness well and truly.

As you'll be told, guns haven't any effect. Explosives do but will you'll need to get obviate police if you would like to start out running around on foot. Best to only run him over. If you dont get him the primary time, dont worry he aint goin anywhere! haha

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