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Manual Transmission For Car Mod For GTA San


Manual Transmission For Car Mod For GTA San


Mike was alleged to torch some place within the mall, but he screwed the fuses and now the cops are crawling everywhere it. Gain a 2-star wanted level, and make a cop car follow you into the garage in Vice Point. make sure that the doorway isn't blocked, otherwise the door won't close. Get within the cop car behind the garage with Lance, and head over to the North Point Mall. Go inside and walk into the pink marker at the Tarbrush Caf to plant the bomb. Quickly run outside, and watch because the caf goes up in flames. You automatically gain a 5-star wanted level. shake the mall and obtain back to the Vercetti Estate to finish the mission and therefore the protection ring asset. The Vercetti Estate will now generate revenue up to a maximum of $5000 per day.

Manual Transmission For Car Mod For GTA San

Cap The Collector

There has been some trouble down at the Printworks, and Ken tells you to form your over there immediately. Ernest Kelly has been roughened up by the Forellis. Sonny is furious that he isn't getting a slice of your new action. He has decided to require matters into his own hands, and therefore the mafia is trying to tax all of your businesses. The mafia is travelling from business to business via bike. There are three sets of mobsters altogether, so tail them, and kill them before you're out of business. you've got to be quick though, they do not stop for lunch.

How To Use

Choose manual transmission to press "C" key.
Choose automatic transmission to press "X" key.
Unsupported car is automatically choose automatic transmission and turn on engine.
Press "fire" key to shift up, "L-Shift" key to shift down.
Idle with low gear, Press "L-Shift" key to Reverse gear(While driving car with display (current gear and) velocity (except reverse gear)).
Backward with reverse gear to "accelerate" key.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:Manual Transmission

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