Jetpack With MiniGuns Mod For GTA San Pc

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Jetpack With MiniGuns Mod For GTA San Pc

Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong

Ok now the warmth is turned on a touch as you get your real piece of gang work. this is often what this game is all about, so confirm you've got full health, armour and an honest gun. Uzi is that the best gun for this mission as you'll run and fire with it at an equivalent time which is vital for this mission.

This mission may be a slight introduction to the Columbian Cartel whom 'chunky', the guy you've got to require out, is selling spank for within the middle of china town. You dont see any cartel during this mission though, only triads.

Head over to china town where the green dot (chunky) shows on your radar. you'll notice once you get there, 'chunky' is on a street running during a north-south direction. i'm getting to call this 'CHUNKIE'S STREET'. You cant drive down this street as there are posts blocking all entrances, So this one will need to be done on foot, for the instant anyhow. Dont enter chunkie's street yet as you've got something to try to to before you follow chunky.

Drive to the south end of Chunkie's street and you'll notice there's an old car parked here. there's also one parked to the east of Chunkie's street but this one are often ignored. Chunky will use one among these cars for a fast getaway counting on which way you approach him. Deny him his chance of a getaway by either moving or destroying the car at the south of Chunkie's street. do that to the opposite one if you are feeling it necessary.

Jetpack With MiniGuns Mod For GTA San Pc

Leave a car to the south of chunky (no, not the one you've just moved/destoyed :) ) you'll need this counting on what happens. Dont worry, chunky wont use this for himself.

Now make your way around chunkie's street in order that you enter it from the north endways foot. As soon as you enter it a cutscene will means chunky to you and you'll see that there are a couple of triad members standing around. Some have pistols while others have baseball bats. Dont bother shooting them! all of your curious about , is wasting chunky!

As you approach chunky he will make a run it and head for the place where you moved/destroyed his getaway car. If you enter the road at the opposite end then chunky will choose the opposite car.

He is easy to identify . he's wearing a white shirt, features a Big Blue arrow pointing at him and runs sort of a girl. Run after him ignoring the triads who will now be trying to kill you. Simply run round them and check out to not get knocked to the bottom by them. If you get shot dont worry your body armor will absorb the damage.

Keep your eye on chunky. Run after him and shoot him as soon as possible. My preferred way is to use the target button rather than the mouse but its up to you. If you lose him, use your radar to seek out him again. If he makes it out onto the streets get in you car and you'll run him over. goodbye as you dont let him get too distant from you hes chop suey!

How To Use

Type ROCKETMAN to get jet pack

Press Ctrl + M to Get MiniGuns
Press Ctrl + S To Change Gun

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 5MB 
File Name:Jetpack With MiniGuns

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