Guns Menu Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

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Guns Menu Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Taking out the Laundry

Toni remains fuming from the ambush the triads pulled on him during a previous mission. He wants revenge. What you actual task involves is to destroy 3 Laundry vans that are circling the town . Any car will do for this mission although a faster one will help.

Toni mentions 8-balls as an area to urge gear for this mission so this is often where you ought to head first. If you dont know where 8-balls is its indicated on your radar by the green gun icon. you simply got to go here if you dont have any grenades though. Once at 8-Balls you ought to see an arrow pointing to some grenades. Pick these up then take a look at your radar

There are three purple dots on your radar representing the vans you've got to destroy. How you are doing this is often really up to you but here is a simple way:

Locate one among the vans and pull up ahead of it in order that you block it from moving. don't TOUCH IT together with your CAR! Doing so will cause the driving force to become alarmed and you'll need to depart on a wild goose chase after it.

Guns Menu Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Instead, once you pull up ahead of it, get out your car and run up to the van and pull the driving force out. Now take the van to a neighborhood where there's no people (this is so you dont attract police attention). Select your grenades which you're getting to use to magnify the van. If you've got never used a grenade before then bare in mind the longer you hold the hearth the button the further you'll throw it.

Tap the hearth button in order that the grenade is thrown at your feet right next to the van and immediately SPRINT away. you ought to get far enough away before the grenade blows up. a couple of seconds later the van will magnify . Just confirm you're no where near it, when it does.

One down and two to travel . Just repeat the method with the opposite two vans and remember to not hit the van before you pull the driving force out.

Its best to avoid car jacking a van in triad territory as its easy to be overwhelmed by the triads should they catch you.

If you are doing accidentally hit the van and it drives off. Find an outsized vehicle before trying to ram it. Cars dont have much ramming power against the van so you wont be ready to force it off the road as easily.

How To Use

Key::Type Guns

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 7MB 
File Name:Guns Menu Mod 

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