Guns In The Trunk GTA San Andreas For Pc


Guns In The Trunk GTA San Andreas For Pc


Salvatore and his boys are planning to talk business this particular night. It will probably be a serious talk about the growing threat of the triads who have recently become a nuisance to the Leone family. Salvatore wants his lady, Maria, to be out of his hair for the night so he asks you to take her out.

The mission starts in the limo where you have to drive Maria to meet 'Chico'. A drug dealer friend of Maria who no doubt will give her what she wants. Chico is on the sea front on the West side of Portland Island. Use the radar to guide yourself to him and stop on the blue marker.

Maria finds out from Chico that there is a party going on in Atlantic Quays in one of the warehouses. Obviously Maria want to go. So you must take her there, again using the radar for guidance. Park the car on the blue marker, facing the road so that you may get a quick getaway.

Guns In The Trunk GTA San Andreas For Pc

Maria will enter the nightclub and you will have to wait a moment. At this point you can get the free cheetah but if your not bothered about that then continue to wait. Before long you will pick up a message on the police scanner hearing that they are making a drugs raid at the party.

At this point you may panic into thinking your in danger as the SWAT team arrive. Remember your not in any danger until your wanted level rises, so sit tight even though world war 3 is breaking out in front of you between the SWAT team and the clubbers. Wait until Maria comes out of the club to get in the limo and then make a break for the Gentlemens club.

Try not to run over any of the SWAT team in front of you or your wanted level will increase and it will become trickier to get to your destination. Use the radar to get back to the Club ,while fending off the police if they hassle you. When you get back to the club drive into the first garage to finish the mission.

You don't need to pick up any bribes in this mission as its pretty easy to get back to the club without being hassled too much. The SWAT team will not chase after you.

How To Use

Guns in the trunk-a useful and unusual script that allows you to store weapons in the trunk of your car! Just open the trunk and take the barrel, etc. so you can store only: handguns, rifles, submachine guns, a police baton, can of paint and a fire extinguisher. To use it, press the "E"

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name: Guns In The Trunk

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