GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version


GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

Thor: The Dark World places you on top of things of the nordic superhero during a 3D adventure through the Nine Worlds, following very loosely the plot of the movie. Your mission is to hitch forces with Asgard's top warriors so as to defeat the evil Malekitch's enemy forces. 

There are quite 90 missions in Thor: The Dark World, set across a spread of various worlds. the thought of the sport is to maraud your way through all the worlds, killing all the bad guys with the assistance of seven differing types of Asgardian warriers, which you'll summon along the way. 

In order to overcome your ever more fierce enemies you will need to upgrade yourself and your warrior allies along the way, improving strengths, magic and weaponry. this is often done through achievements within the game, or by in-app purchases. You'll also got to buy or win 'Uru' which is employed to summon the proper allies so you'll keep playing.

The other currencies, used for upgrading and acquiring new weapons are ISO-008 and Runes. These can often be achieved through playing, so you'll return and replay levels to create up your strengths again, those this 'grinding' quickly becomes boring due to the repetitive nature of the gameplay.

GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

The Power Of Touch

Thor: The Dark World abandons traditional joystick movement in favor of a touch-to-move system , like that employed by Diablo. you merely got to tap the screen where you would like Thor to maneuver and he will head therein direction. 

Attacks are predominantly performed using touch gestures. for instance , you only tap on an enemy to hold out a daily attack, swipe two fingers on the screen to fireside at bad guys and breakable objects, or draw a lightning bolt to perform a lightning attack. you'll summon Asgardian allies and perform special attacks via on-screen action buttons.

Blockbuster Graphics

Thor: The Dark World looks as great as Gameloft's many other superhero movie tie-ins, like Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, and therefore the Amazing Spider-Man. The lavish 3D graphics and fantastic backgrounds provides it a true Hollywood feel.

GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

GTA Vice City Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

How To Use

Type "THOR" to turn into Thor and back.
TAB   : thunder zap
Space : fly using Mjolnir
Shift + C : thump Mjolnir on ground
LMB   : attack
RMB   : spin Mjolnir
LMB + RMB : throw Mjlonir


Hold "RMB" to set cam on Mjolnir.
Hold "LMB" and use arrow keys or mouse to control Mjolnir.
Zap when crouching will be stronger compared to standing.

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:Thor Mod With Powers Latest Version

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