GTA V Police Skin And Cars Mod Pack For GTA San Pc


GTA V Police Skin And Cars Mod Pack For GTA San Pc

Triads and Tribulations

War has now broken out between the Triads and therefore the Leone Family therefore the streets are a dangerous place for the duration of this mission as gang fights escape everywhere the place.

Make sure you've got full health and armour as you're getting to need it. Any car will do as you'll be changing car within the mission but confirm it's enough room for the 2 guys you'll take with you.

When you start. you'll be stunned by all the fighting happening . Ignore all this. the sole triads you're concerned about are the warlords highlighted by green dots. There are three to kill. Each warlord is protected by a gaggle of triads and features a blue arrow pointing to them. you'll take them call at any order but the subsequent order seems to be the foremost logical.

Looking at your radar you'll see the three green dots representing your targets. Head for the center one first which is within the heart of china town. you can't get to the present warlord by car so you'll need to get out your car and take him out together with your guns. Hopefully you brought along your friends who will protect you but its up to you to require out the warlord.

The shotgun may be a good weapon for this. remove the warlord using the target button. If the target lands on the incorrect triad, shoot him first then attempt to target the warlord again. Generally you'll need to remove both guards before the warlord as they have a tendency to run within the way but if you are doing manage to urge the warlord before the guards, ignore them and run back to the car as fast as possible. Leave your friends behind if you would like as they're not necessary for the remainder of this mission.

GTA V Police Skin And Cars Mod Pack For GTA San Pc

If you probably did this bit without an excessive amount of damage then you've got an honest chance of finishing this mission. revisit to your car or steal another one and head for the warlord to the north using your radar as guidance. This warlord is during a fenced area. The barriers are destuctible but trying to drive over them can cause your car to overturn so use the doorway that's down next to the footbridge and therefore the van.

Drive around and run the warlord over including his guards if you please. confirm he's dead by seeing if the blue arrow is gone. Then get within the fish van that's next to the footbridge. you would like this to urge into the fish factory where the last warloard is hiding. Drive to the fish factory down the twin carriageway using the radar for guidance.

GTA V Police Skin And Cars Mod Pack For GTA San Pc

When you get to the fish factory wait ahead of the gate to open it. you'll probably need to rush in and drive over a few of triads who maybe patrolling. The last warlord is standing on a ledge at the south-west corner of the factory as you'll see on your radar. Drive clockwise round the factory and once you begin from the side , make certain to fireside the uzi out of the window at him. If you dont get him the primary time, drive round again.

Once he's dead its mission complete but you're still during a place filled with triads so dont relax until you're out of the fish factory.

Keeping a cool head during this mission is vital especially when on foot. See your target and choose him. Only shoot other triads if they're in your way and never continue a mission of private vengence if a triad pisses you off. this may only cause you suffering more damage.

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