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GTA V Phone For GTA San Andreas Pc


GTA V Phone For GTA San Andreas Pc

Bar Brawl

One of the companies is refusing to pay protection, they reckon they're being protected by an area gang of thugs. Take the 2 bodyguards and attend the Front Page Caf on Ocean Beach. Kill the DBP security men outside, and walk into the pink marker to speak to the manager. The manager tells you to sort it out between yourselves.

GTA V Phone For GTA San Andreas Pc

DBP Security know you're on your way, so get there quickly and kill them before the timer runs out. you'll use the viewpoint at the highest of the steps across the road to kill them. Your bodyguards will follow you wherever you go, and shoot at whatever you shoot at, but don't believe them an excessive amount of . Two other security guards make a run it, so chase them and confirm they do not escape . you'll ram their bikes and kill them once they fall off, otherwise you can perform a shooting , the latter option is perhaps the quickest/easiest.

p:to show phone 
left right arrow: to use the move on the screen
p:to scroll down 
n:to close the phone
shift:to select
enter:to select
backspace:to go back

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
File Name: GTA V Phone

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