GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas Pc

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GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas Pc

Pump-Action Pimp

The diablos are pimping their prost's on Mafia turf and Luigi isn't happy about it. this is often where you are available .

Before you begin you'll devour a free pistol round the back or ammunation which is indicated to you on the radar by the green gun icon. Dont bother getting into to the shop itself, because the guns inside aren't available until you progress through the sport . The free handgun is round the back. Where you'll get a touch exercise . perform the instuctions from the popup message that appears if you've got never used a gun before as this may teach you ways to use the gun properly.

There is nobody thanks to do that mission but confirm you've got a car that isnt too trashed and have full health. Full armour would be handy but isn't essential as you'll not even need to get out your car.

Ok drive towards the purple dot on your radar. this is often the diablo car you saw driving passed ammunation within the cutscene, so it'll always be moving. If you are feeling like getting to find a far better weapon then plow ahead . there's no timer on this mission and therefore the diablo car will drive around for ever!

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas Pc

Once you've got located the diablo car (it will have a blue arrow above it) its time to require action. Bear in mind there are two guys within the car. The pimp is wearing purple and his driver may be a regular diablo. If you ram them or shoot their car they're going to obviously know your onto them. they're going to then come after you.

If you stay where you're then they're going to probably ram you back then get out the car. Be warned that the pimp (purple guy) features a shotgun which may do significant damage to your car so either run him over quickly or if the diablo car is between you and him then ram the diablo onto him. All the while confirm none of them pull you out of your own car.

If the pimp manages to urge an attempt off at your car then it begins to burn get out as soon as possible and run faraway from it. Hopefully the pimp will run after you passing your trashed motor then BOOM if ya lucky! hehe

Once you've got killed them both the mission is complete.


Player options
Option of transport
Spawner skin and select the skin
Spawner auto
The choice of the mission
Time setting
The choice of weapons
Customize the weather
And much more

Control keys main menu:

F2 - show/hide menu.
numpad 5 right Shift - Selection;
numpad 0, Backspace - Back;
numpad 8, up arrow - Up;
numpad 2, down arrow - Down;
numpad 4, left arrow - Left;
numpad 6, right arrow to the Right.


atl Q - Airbreak;
Delete - Teleport to the mark;
Go through the door;
J - Get in the nearest car;
Is the instantaneous acceleration;
Instant stop.

Added items in the transport menu:

To sit in the nearest car (already has a hot key);
Instant acceleration (already has a hot key);
Instant stop (already has a hot key);
Ability to aim in the car (hold down the RMB);
The ideal management auto;
High jumps on bike;

Spawn peds

Appearance (clothes, hairstyle, tattoos);
Added new items in the transport menu:
Added the transport menu (available slot 480);
The ability to input the ID;
View ID while driving (at bottom of menu);
Added menu items teleport:
Go through the door;
Menu interior (teleport to the interior);
Added items in the weapons menu:
Auto-aim/Lock (PKM q/e);
Added weapons menu;
Turn off the replay of F1 and F3 (can be re-enabled in the config RZL-Trainer.ini);

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 3MB 
File Name:GTA V Cheat Menu 

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