GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc


GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc

The Getaway

Joey has some friends who want to rob Liberty bank and wish a driver. Joey has nominated you because the driver. This mission requires you to be quick and have good knowledge of the town .

This is very easy to try to to if you recognize the precise location of the respray shop without watching your map. i like to recommend memorising where it's as you'll need some sort of cop evasion tactic and using the respray shop is that the quickest. However if you've got the 2 police bribes at your hideout from completing the vigilante missions, then this is often an honest alternative.

First off, you would like to urge a quick car. There are three guys to select up so dont bother getting the banshee from easy credit autos. i like to recommend a mafia sentinel. Once you've got a car you wish make your thanks to the bank robbers by using your radar as navigation. Stop on the blue marker once you've got found it and sound the horn.

Three guys will begin of the garage and obtain within the car. Do because the guy says and take them to the destination outside the bank. Using the radar again find the blue marker outside the bank and park the car facing north along the road. this is often the direction your getting to need to drive in so it gives you a touch of a start .

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc

The robbers will enter the bank and once they begin the alarm are going to be sounding and your wanted level will instantly rise to three! Dont panic! during a few seconds it'll be right down to two because as you drive towards the pink dot on your radar there's a police bribe within the alleyway that you simply can traverse at the top of the road.

When you exit the alleyway at the opposite end don't choose the pink dot as you'll not be ready to finish this mission with any wanted level in the least . you'll either attend the respray shop within the red light district or your hideout if you've got the 2 bribes. Both locations are north-west of your current location.

Once your wanted level is gone you'll make your thanks to the pink dot on the radar where there's a blue marker expecting you. Park thereon to end the mission. Easy as pie if nothing goes wrong!

The Key to the present mission is to urge to the bribe within the alleway North of the bank you're robbing, as reducing your wanted level right down to two, makes it instantly easier. The police are a touch crazy once they rise up to level three but settle down a touch when your at level two.

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc

GTA V Cheat Menu For GTA San Andreas For Pc

How To Install

How To Use

Press alt on the keyboard to open menu
Press down or up to navigate the menu
Press left or right to change VALUE
Press space to select options
Press enter to exit menu

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 10MB 
File Name:GTA V Cheat Menu 

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