GTA V Animations Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

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GTA V Animations Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Dont spank ma bitch up

Right! Now we get to try to to something a touch more interesting. because the cutscene explains you've got to beat up a pusher who is selling spank to luigis girls. devour the bat across the road if you would like then drive to Portland harbour using the green dot on your radar as guidance. Once you enter the harbour area you'll see an outsized blue arrow pointing to your target.

Now you'll take him out using any technique you'll consider . you'll use the bat or simply drive him over. Dont worry about running over the prositutes, this doesn't seem to matter. Once you've got the dealer lying during a pool of his own blood, get into his car (the one with huge Big Blue arrow above it).

GTA V Animations Mod For GTA San Andreas Pc

Take the car to the respray garage, indicated to you by the aerosol logo on your radar. Dont worry about damaging the car. Once at the destination, drive the car over the blue marker and into the garage. The door will shut and when it opens the car are going to be resprayed.

Now you've got to drive it to luigis lockup which is marked by the pink dot on your radar. Again dont worry about damaging the car, just dont blow it up!

Drive the car into the garage, get out then exit the garage as instructed by the message that pops up.

Mission completed!

How To Use


Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 26MB 
File Name: GTA V Animations  

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