GTA San Avengers End Of Game Mod

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GTA San Avengers End Of Game Mod

Treacherous Swine

The colonel reveals that one among his men has betrayed him, and was partly liable for the ambush. Go and find Gonzales at his penthouse in Vice Point, and kill him. The colonel gives you a chainsaw to try to to the work , but you do not necessarily need to use it. If you decide to use the chainsaw, confirm you run with a special weapon then switch once you've got trapped with Gonzales, because it's extremely hard to run with the chainsaw. You automatically gain a 2-star wanted level for killing Gonzales, so attend the Pay N' Spray in Vice Point to urge obviate the cops.

GTA San Avengers End Of Game Mod

Mall Shootout

The colonel wants you to travel and meet a courier, to gather some valuable technology from him. Meet him at the Washington Mall. It seems to be a setup, and a SWAT team are waiting there to attack you. The courier attempts to flee with the chips while the SWAT team attack. Ignore your attackers for now, and specialise in the courier. Get on the bike and chase him. Ram his vehicle and check out to throw him astray , and eventually he will crash. Waste him before he can revisit on the bike, and take the chips back to the colonel at the marina. to form life slightly easier, you'll attend Ammu-Nation and buy a Mac before the mission starts, in order that you'll shoot the courier while you're on the bike.

Mission Laction
GTA San Avengers End Of Game Mod

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