GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

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GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

Additional information: As you'll probably find out , meeting with Dave isn't getting to be friendly and therefore the entire mission will become a heated fire exchange, with the Agency's tams and Merryweather mercenaries to hitch in. the best surprise goes to be the joining of Trevor who decided to assist Michael and Dave to go away the Kortz Center safely.

The start line of this mission is that the Kortz Center complex located to the North-west of the most a part of Los Santos, and you would like to urge there as Michael. there's just one path leading up to the destination and, after you get there, leave your car on the parking zone . Cover the remainder of the way on foot, reach the balcony above and find Dave within the South-Eastern corner. you'll watch a cutscene of the conversation with Dave, Steve and Sanchez, after which there'll be a huge fight to play.

Right after the fights start, select a far better weapon from the inventory (e.g. the assault rifle), start eliminating the closest enemies. During the shootout, keep using Michael's special skill on a daily basis, especially that a lot of of the enemies are wearing heavy armors and, as a result, it's better to aim at their heads. After you've got addressed the enemies that posed the best threat to Michael, walk towards the yellow point marked by the sport .

GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

After you approach the most yard, there'll appear a Merryweather chopper here, which is once you will move Trevor. Use the precision rifle and check out to shoot the pilot of the chopper as quickly as possible, which can end in bringing the helicopter down (the above screenshot).

Continue shooting your precision rifle and check out eliminating, within the first place, the enemies that pose the best threat to Michael and Dave. the sport will soon unlock Michael again so, you'll decide for yourself if you would like to attack the enemies from afar, or become involved into more direct confrontations, believe slowing down of your time . Trevor doesn't got to move from his position, whereas Michael must reach the most yard.

Around, there'll soon appear a Merryweather chopper and, a bit like earlier, it might be an honest idea to urge obviate it by using Trevor's precision rifle , or on slowing down of your time by Michael. After Michael reaches Dave, start covering the colleague from the Agency. you ought to first try eliminating those of the enemies that are the closest, and also concentrate to the very fact that there appeared another Merryweather chopper here.
GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version
GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

GTA San Andreas Visual Script Pack Latest Version

After you've got cleared the world , move Michael and follow Dave. don't plan to leave the world as soon as possible, because you'll be surprised by another group of Merryweather mercenaries on the parking zone , ahead of the complex. Make use of pillars and therefore the other objects within the surroundings to cover behind. It also pays off to use the grenade launcher or explosives to your advantage, to magnify the cars with the enemies positioned at.

After you're done, forced an entry one among the vehicles within the parking zone and begin escaping. there'll be another , the last one, chopper to follow Michael and, if you would like to finish this mission in 100%, you would like to destroy the helicopter. you'll roll in the hay by getting out of the car and use the launcher , or a scoped rifle, to knock the machine off the skies, or reach the town as quickly as possible, in hope that the chopper will crash while maneuvering among buildings. no matter your variant of behavior, you ultimately got to reach the Morningwood district to satisfy up with Trevor.

How To Use

Visual Player Image - H + 0
Visual Skin Selector - H + 4
Visual Car Spawner  - H + 7
Visual Car Tuner       - H + 8
Visual Car Copypaster  - H + 9(3)

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 20MB 
File Name:Visual Script Pack Latest Version  

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