GTA San Andreas Vehicle God Mod For Pc

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GTA San Andreas Vehicle God Mod For Pc

Waka Gashira Wipeout

Donald Love wishes to lower land prices by creating a gang war. A gang war wish he wants you to start out between the Cartel and therefore the Yakuza. to try to to this you're to steal a Cartel Cruiser and kill the Waka-Gashira, Kenji, in order that it's sort of a hit by the Cartel.

First get a Cartel Cruiser from the Pan Atlantic construction site if you dont have one still from the last mission. The Cruiser must be in top condition so take care to not take any damage.

Once you've got the cruiser its time to form your thanks to the roof of the white multi-storey carpark where Kenji is waiting together with his band of thugs. Drive carefully. Any damage to the Cartel Cruiser increases your chances of failing this mission because it'll need to take gunfire.

When you enter the highest level of the carpark you'll see Kenji and his horde within the cutscene. approach the north ramp and position your car towards Kenji. Now here is that the problem. the blokes guarding Kenji before you'll fire at you as soon as you get close. Under no circumstances must you allow the vehicle where the Yakuza can see you because you'll be recognized. However if your car begins to burn you'll need to leave the car to save lots of your life meaning you'll fail the mission.

So you've got to run Kenji over as quickly as possible causing as little damage to the car as possible.Head full speed at Kenji. Dont bother trying to run anyone else over. Kenji is that the one you would like . Run him over and smash aside the Yakuza stinger which will be in your way.

GTA San Andreas Vehicle God Mod For Pc

Now you'll probably have 3 stars on your wanted level. this suggests a helicopter is on the way and you've got to go away Newport. you'll take two routes. get down the parking lot using the ramp at the south-west corner or drive right down to the bottom normally. If you're taking the latter route, you'll be ready to change car and leave newport to finish the mission.

If you opt to leap off the highest , you risk landing on your roof. you'd then need to run out of Newport and with the police speeding about, there's an honest chance you'll be run over. If you are doing land on your wheels and drive out of Newport, you'll need to dump the car to finish the mission.

The choice is up to you but I favour the less dramatic way. you want to remember to remain within the Cruiser when on the highest levels of the parking lot . Once you go below its alright to urge back out again.


To activate the mod, click "H"
To disable the mod, just get out of the car
The mod is automatically switched off after 30 seconds

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 9MB 
File Name:Vehicle God Mod

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