GTA San Andreas UFO Alien Mod Pc


GTA San Andreas UFO Alien Mod Pc

The endless dark and somber passages of a military complex became the abode of evil, as thousands of blood-thirsty aliens fill the offices, storehouses, and mysterious labs. the safety forces are overrun and you're humanity's last hope!

Your mission is clear: clear the bottom in the least costs. Shoot your way through the hordes of alien monstrosities and gain access to the teleports from where these ruthless creatures pour.

Take advantage of the foremost advanced weapons technology money can purchase . Equip yourself with shotguns, magma mini guns, and biomechanical implants so as to send those aliens packing.

GTA San Andreas UFO Alien Mod Pc

One minute you are looking for extra ammo by a laboratory footlocker, subsequent a swarm of growling monsters is streaming through the door. you will find your fingers tested as you are trying to dodge the large amount of aliens which come at you as you frantically blast away during this overhead shooter.

Alien Shooter presents a strategic, suspenseful shooter which will draw you certain hours of play. the variability of weapon effects and sheer mass of alien monsters that come at you'll keep you intrigued and wanting more. a requirement have for anyone who can stand a touch little bit of gore and horror!

How To Use

Active = Press 1 + Space
Deactive = Press 1 + Space 
Abduct nearest ped = Press 2 + Space 
Throw Everything away = Press 3 + Space 
Lift nearest ped = Press 4 + Space 
Try to communicate = `Press 5 + Space
Call the mothership = Pres 6 + Space
Throw them up = Press 7 + Space
Energy Ball = Press 8 + Space
Transform into a stronger alien = Press 9 + Space

Download Link: Click Here
Password: Fully Update Games
Size: 24MB 
File Name:UFO Alien Mod Pc 

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