GTA San Andreas Super Force V5 Latest Version

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GTA San Andreas Super Force V5 Latest Version


Full health and armour are paramount here. confirm you've got a precision rifle , which you'll get at ammunation do you have to got to buy one. An Uzi could helps also here.

You will probably enjoy working for Donald Love. Not simply because he talks to you wish a person's being but because his missions are challenging.

Your first mission for him involves a chinese friend of his being held for ransom by the Columbian Cartel. they're demanding money in exchange for his life but Donald is refusing to pay. He wants you to rescue the old gentlemen but you'll got to get a Cartel Cruiser first.

You can find two Cartel Cruisers parked within the Pan Atlantic construction site. Ocassionally they'll be locked but one among them should be available. this protects you from finding one on the streets and risking retaliation from the Cartel.

GTA San Andreas Super Force V5 Latest Version

Now make your thanks to the place that they're keeping the chinese man using the radar as guidance. you'll need to stop outside the gate and await it to open. Once it opens, drive halfway in and stop. you'll see the Cartel members patrolling about but if you retain your distance, they're going to not notice you.

Get out the car and take them out using the precision rifle . Once you shoot the primary one, they're going to all remember of you and run into position. remove all keeping your distance from the closed garages because there are more Cartel in all .

Once all Cartel are dead within the Yard you've got to seek out the Chinese man who is being guarded in one among the closed garages. Unfortunately its random which one he's in so you'll need to guess and hope to be lucky.

GTA San Andreas Super Force V5 Latest Version

The garage doors dont open until you approach them so walk up to them from the side and once they open, withdraw so you're shielded by the wall. The Cartel member inside won't run out so get a long way between you and therefore the garage and choose your uzi. The Uzi is sweet because you'll run and shoot at an equivalent time.

Strafe out and kill the Cartel member. Be absolutely sure it's a Cartel member because one if you kill the Chinese gentlemen you'll fail the mission. If the chinese man isn't within the garage you'll need to try another one.

When you find the chinese man, walk up to him until you see the message on rock bottom of the screen. Now take him to at least one of the Cartel Cruisers. Either the one you wont to get in here or another parked within the garages.

Return him safely to Donald like to complete the mission.

One thing you want to not do when attempting this mission is use explosive weapons or the shotgun.

If you fire them randomly into the garages you risk killing the old fella!

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